10 Totally Head-Turning French Braid Hairstyles to DIY

Are you ready to take your French braiding skills into 2017? We found 15 amazing French braid ideas directly from the web. Coming with easy-to-follow instructions, so you don’t need to get worried about getting lost at any step along the way.

1 The half French braid

half French braid
Image via ParlorDiary.com – See the tutorial: ParlorDiary.com

Braids are really hot. This one sided French braid is absolutely pretty and easy to create really. This braid can be totally done by you and impress your friends.

2 The double Dutch braid

Image via Coveteur.com – See the tutorial: Coveteur.com

You might have seen this cool-girl style everywhere on Pinterest, and we understand why, especially since it’s a trendy look that takes pigtail braids to a whole new level. And whether it’s worn by you with hard leather or elegant bomber jacket, this hair style screams major attitude.

3 Mohawk braid top knot

Image via MissySue.com – See the tutorial: MissySue.com

Well, we know what you’re thinking: a mohawk, a French braid and a top knot could never get together peacefully. However, this smart and dreamy style effectively manages to mix all three elements into one killer look.

4 Side French braid low updo

This pretty and polished style is ideal for  bridesmaids and brides as well. It also produces an all  natural vibe that it doesn’t look like it’s trying too much.

5 The mini French braid

Image via TheBeautyDeparment.com – See the tutorial: TheBeautyDeparment.com

Don’t be intimidated by this tiny braid. It may look complex and kind of difficult but if you can do a regular French braid, you can certainly do this! It’s simply the same method, but you take small strands from around the face. It’s actually quite simple and fast.

6 French braid for short hair

French braids are also doable on shorter hair lengths. To get this low-key look yourself, follow this 5-minute tutorial in order to give your shorter chop some added advantage.

7 Easy French braid bun

This twist on the French braid will become your brand-new go-to summer do. Not only is this style fun and easy, but it’s also flawlessly polished for work or a girl’s night out. Prepare to get hooked!

8 Glittery fishtail French braid

Take your braid to the next level 🔝

Posted by Short Cuts on Montag, 6. Februar 2017

Whether you wear this braid tight, loose or messy, some added glitter will surely help give your look that Coachella-esque finish any festival gal would be envious of.

9 Loose French braid for long hair

loose french braid for long hair
Image via HairRomance.com – See the tutorial: HairRomance.com

If you’ve got hair for days, be sure to test this intimate and romantic style that shows off your length, and those beautiful highlights.

10 DIY drape French braid

When you want a braided style that’s not a braid crown or a side twist, this draped French braid style will help add more braided looks to your repertoire.

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10 Totally Head-Turning French Braid Hairstyles to DIY

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