2 Amazing Hair Products You Haven’t Discovered Yet

Pureology Hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Ok I admit it I have used my clients like guinea pigs… but only the clients that completely trust me. I would never jeopardize my relationships with my clients or the trust that they have in me. Not to mention all the progress and work that we have put in over the years.

However, I must admit, from time to time I get the urge to try the ‘latest’, newest, hottest product on the market. Who better to test these products on then the clients that I have been working on for years?

See, not only will I quickly see a physical change in their hair, but my clients are quick to give me feedback because of the relationship we have and they are waaaay more comfortable with me then any new client would be.

A new client may not notice the changes as quickly as someone that I have been working with for years, would.One of my clients moved away (about a 3 hour drive) for a better job opportunity but she lived close enough to the city to come back for big events and for special occasions.

About a year from the time she left, she came back to the salon and I noticed her hair was extremely damaged. It was dry, fragile, her ends were split and her hair looked nothing like it did when I was doing it. She wanted to get her hair back to the way it was before she left and she didn’t trust the people where she lived to do it for her.

I sat her down and came up with a routine to get her back on track. We both wanted to get rid of her dry hair and get it back to the way it originally was.In the past the products I used got me the results I wanted for my clients, but in the town she moved to she wouldn’t be able to get her hands on the shampoos and conditioners that I wanted her to use.

So, I called a friend of mine that owns a salon named Carmen and asked her if there was hair products she knew of that compared to the products I recommended, that would give her the same or better results.

Carmen suggested a shampoo and conditioner I had NEVER heard of before called Pureology Hydrating shampoo and Pureology Hydrating Conditioner. I passed Carmen’s recommendation along to my client and told her to call every two weeks so we could monitor her progress.

About a month and a half later, of her phone calls, she told me she was constantly getting compliments, her hair was no longer dry and it felt silky and smooth!

So, you know me…I started ‘easing’ these products into my regular clients’ visits and low and behold a handful of them came back and told me how much better their hair felt and how they were getting compliments on a regular basis.

Most of the time, I find out what’s hot and what’s not from the hair shows that I frequent, but this time I can honestly say if it wasn’t for a client in desperate need of my assistance I may have never stumbled on two gems!

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2 Amazing Hair Products You Haven’t Discovered Yet

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