4 Major Causes of Thinning Hair On Top Of Head

An increasing number of men and women as young as 19 years old are grappling with thinning hair on top of head. This problem may not be as common as receding hairline or pattern baldness, but it is also causing a great deal of trouble. Although it seems like an isolated problem, its causes are similar to those that are to blame for more common hair loss problems.

1. Top on the list of the causes of this hair disorder is severe stress and depression. Unlike related problems, this one affects men and women as young as 19 years old. Why? It is well documented that most victims of this condition suffer from severe stress or depression. An ideal way of dealing with it, thus, may not be surgical hair restoration procedures, or anything of that sort, but by facing the issues causing stress. Surprisingly, this may be all that is required.

2. Recent studies have also shown that this type of hair condition may be caused by genetic factors. Little can be done to change a person’s genetic makeup. However, where necessary, hair restoration procedures like hair transplants can be used to restore lost hair.

3. Certain medications, including those prescribed to treat arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, ulcers, and thyroid disorder treatments may contribute to thinning hair on the crown. Other medications that may contribute to this problem include drugs that may lead to hormonal imbalance, including birth control pills and anabolic steroids.

Procedures like chemotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, and certain major surgeries may also lead to hair disorders. In most cases, medications and certain medical procedures only lead to temporary hair loss. After some time, hair loss caused by these factors may be regained after some time.

4. Besides medications and specific medical procedures, thinning hair on the crown and on other sections of the head may be caused by certain lifestyles. For instance, there is evidence showing that excessive alcohol drinking and tobacco smoking are major culprits.

A hair loss patient who indulges in either one or both of these self-defeating habits may need to do something about them before pursuing a different course. As a matter of fact, physicians often ask patients with hair thinning problems whether they are into any of these habits before prescribing any medication or suggesting other hair restoration procedures.

In conclusion, it will be reiterated that four major factors may contribute to hair thinning on the crown. These include genetic factors, stress and depression, medication and specific medical procedures, and self-defeating lifestyles.

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4 Major Causes of Thinning Hair On Top Of Head

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