4 Tips for Maintaining Relaxed Hair Health

Hair requires pampering. Relaxed hair, thanks to its processed state, requires even more pampering. However, this additional care that needs to be given to relaxed hair to maintain its health should not be seen as an extra burden. By following simple, yet effective steps, you can maintain and even improve the health of your processed hair without incurring significant additional costs.

1. Start by hiring a professional hair stylist

Hiring a professional stylist may mean paying more than what you have been paying to your regular stylist, but it is a worthwhile investment. Many women (and men and children) are walking around with damaged hair thanks to inappropriate use of hair chemicals and hiring unprofessional stylists.

To avoid the predicament that many have gone through, aspire to build a long term relationship with a reliable stylist. The stylist will be better placed to advise you whether lye or no-lye relaxer best suits you. Additionally, the stylist will be better placed to advise you on how to maintain and care for your hair on a daily basis.

2. Try not to over process your hair

Two major mistakes that people make when it comes to hair straightening include leaving chemicals on for too long and applying relaxers to previously relaxed hair. Home kits have become quite easy to use and less costly than hiring a professional to apply the chemicals. These kits, however, make it easy to over process your hair.

Also be informed that consistent application of straightening chemicals to already processed hair leads to hair damage, breakage, and even permanent hair loss.

3. Go for low heating or no-heating styling

Excessive heat can damage your hair. While flat and curl irons are okay, their daily use will lead to dryness and even damage. It is recommended to use heat tools for occasional uses only. For the best results, get into the habit of using low heat or no-heat styling. The best fact is that there are many styling techniques that do not require a lot of heat. Some of these techniques include flexi-rods, wet sets, satin-covered rollers and wrapping.

4. As a routine, wrap, and protect at night

Wrapping your hair at night saves you time in the morning. This routine, however, does more than just this. It also protects tresses, while you are sleeping.

Other useful tips that you should consider if you are serious about maintaining your hair’s health include wearing protective styles (like updos, chignons, braids), regularly trimming dry ends, and conditioning regularly.

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4 Tips for Maintaining Relaxed Hair Health

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