4 Tips to Attain Tangle Free Hair

Tangled hair is hard to manage and can be such a headache to comb and style it every morning. One of the reasons why your tangled hair is difficult to handle is because it is dry and therefore in need of deep nourishment. Shampoos, styling, heat and environmental pollution are some of the factors to blame for your present state of hair. Brushing out tangles causes hair to break and that is why you need to do something for you to get tangle free hair.

Below are some useful tips for keeping your hair tangle free:

1. Your hair is usually more tangled after you have shampooed your hair. Ensure to brush your hair prior to washing to make sure that you do not end up with an annoying knotted mess. Additionally, while brushing your hair, by all means avoiding pulling it to prevent breakage. Always brush below the tangle and notice that your hair will be tangle free.

2. Shampoos are known for stripping your hair of moisture. After shampooing your hair, ensure to use a deep nourishing conditioner to get the best environment for removing tangles. Before rinsing off the conditioner, use a wide tooth comb to gently comb through your hair so as to remove all the knots.

One of the key ingredients in the conditioners is silicone. It helps in protecting your hair from the humidity and also prevents frizz. Another side benefit is that your hair benefits from getting that shiny look.

3. You may have to shop for a detangling spray or serum. When sprayed on damp hair, it will make it easier for you to brush your hair. Additionally, research and shop for the best detangling brushes. There are numerous detangling brushes that are available in the market that have considerable positive reviews. Try shopping online in order to have a wide selection of the detangling brushes and sprays or serums. Having these products will go a long way in making your detangling time easier.

4. As your hair continues to grow, the ends are more likely to dry and split up. In turn, your hair loses its shine and the silky feel. Dry and split hair is normally more likely to have tangles. Try regular trimmings, at least every six to seven weeks so as to get rid of split ends. If you have long hair, try to avoid dyeing it as this will expose your hair to tangles.

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4 Tips to Attain Tangle Free Hair

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