4 Ways to Rinse Out Hair Dye

If you are not happy with your hair-color treatment, there is something you can do about it. You can rinse out the dye. There are many ways of doing this, and some are discussed here.

1. You can use crushed vitamin C tablets. Start by making a thick paste out of vitamin C tablets. Remember to mix the tablets with water but not any other liquid. Apply the paste to your hair and allow it to rest for an hour. Wash the hair with a mild shampoo. This method is supposed to remove dye if it was applied only a few days prior.

2. Use a clothing detergent. Using a washing powder or a clothing detergent will turn hair dyed black into dirty blonde after 5 washes. This is how you do it: start by wetting your hair, and then proceed to work on a tablespoonful of detergent at a time. Be sure not to get any detergent into your eyes, ears, or mouth. Beware, however, that the roots will lighten quicker than the ends, so you may need to trim your hair to give it a uniform appearance.

3. Use a hot oil treatment to rinse out hair dye. Ordinarily, oil will condition your hair and strip away the dyes that you no longer want. It is imperative that you give your hair a thorough washing before applying oil on it. It is advisable to use hot coconut oil instead of using a mixture of oils.

Apply hot coconut oil to both roots and ends. Once the oil has been incorporated into your hair, cover it with a towel and set for 1 hour. After this time has passed, wash your hair with another round of shampoo and conditioner.

4. Use baking soda and dandruff shampoo. Note that you are to use baking soda and not baking powder. You are also to use shampoo specifically designed to deal with dandruff as this is often stronger than other shampoos. Mix baking soda with the shampoo and wash several times. The act of washing is supposed to remove all the dye, especially it were semi-permanent dye.

These methods are supposed to deliver results if used as directed. However, they are largely designed do deal with semi-permanent dyes or dyes that have not lasted long since their application. For permanent dyes that have lasted long, some dye remover brands may need to be sought.

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4 Ways to Rinse Out Hair Dye

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