4 Ways to Tell That Your Hair Stylist Doesn’t Like You

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Over the years I’ve known plenty of stylists that drop little hints, to their clients to let them know that they would rather them spend their money somewhere else. If you feel like this could be the case, or if you are wondering if your stylist could be targeting you, then let me help you shed some light on what’s going on.

I wrote this to help you decide if it is time to move on.

Hint #1 – Da Money

If you are a person that goes into the salon on a semi regular to a regular basis and on your last visit your service cost you $30 and this time it cost you $15-$20 more and you weren’t told of the price increase until it was time to pay, then your stylist may be trying to tell you that it’s time for you to seek help somewhere else.

Keep in mind if a professional really wants to keep you (and they still have to increase their rates for products and services) then the best way for them to handle it is to notify you months in advance.

Now if it just so happens that you haven’t been into the salon for months, you should at least expect to be notified before your service begins, so you can decide to continue or reschedule but either way, you at least have some sort of option.

Hint #2 – Hack Jobs

Now if you have been styling hair for any length of time, then you know that nothing will have a client running for the hills, like a hack job! I have seen women cry, fuss and fight over the amount of hair that has been cut (not trimmed) off of their head.

If a client stresses the fact that they just want a trim, but leave feeling about 10 pounds lighter, you can almost guarantee that they won’t be coming back!

Hint #3 – Wrestling Holds

There are times when your stylist will need you to hold your head in certain positions so that it makes it easier to get the job done. If you are receiving a service and you and your head are getting man handled, and tossed around left and right, your stylist could be secretly telling you that you are no longer welcomed.

Hint #4 – AT&T

Your image is a very personal thing to most people and a trip to the salon is a personal experience. So, yeah, it kinda sucks when your stylist is trying to perform a service on your head while having a full blown telephone conversation.

Anyone can tell you not that tending to a client’s personal needs or ignoring them during a service tends to take away from the overall experience.

The next time you feel bad vibes from your stylists while any of the ‘secret four’ are going down, then you may want to ask yourself, are they using their nonverbal communication skills to tell me that I need to spend my money with someone else?

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4 Ways to Tell That Your Hair Stylist Doesn’t Like You

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