5 Reasons Why you Should Pre Poo Natural Hair

Pre poo simply refers to treatments applied before shampooing or conditioning. While most of these treatments are natural oils, some individuals prepare their own pre-poos using household pantry items. Popular pre poos include coconut and olive oils. Besides oils, other popular pre poos include honey, bananas, yoghurt and homemade blends. Individuals use what works for them. Although these treatments require some extra time, there are at least 5 reasons why pre-pooing is good for your hair.

1. Pre poos are popular because of their moisture restoration benefits. Excessive moisture loss caused by seasonal stress, including severe temperatures, humidity, and saltwater, can be restored by pre pooing. Essential oils do a better job in dealing with these kinds of weather conditions. It is advisable to use oils instead of homemade blends.

2. Pre poos also serve an important role of restoring oils that may be lost because of excessive shampooing. This treatment will also restore oils that may be stripped by chemicals found in swimming pools. Again, essential oils like olive oils do a better job than any other mixture of treatments.

3. When using pre poo treatment, you can take care of tangled hair. It is true that trying to detangle wet hair does more damage than good. In that case, it is better to use such a treatment instead of trying to detangle wet hair. Apply a preferred treatment and allow your hair to rest for 15-30 minutes. After this time has passed, you can now do the easy job of detangling locks. Good results will be realized without straining your hair.

4. Pre poo treatment also improves the effectiveness of conditioners. It is a fact that most conditioners require a number of conditions to be fulfilled before they, conditioners, can serve their role effectively. For instance, conditioners will not work well on a scalp where natural oils have been stripped. Luckily, these treatments restore natural oils stripped through any process.

5. Regular use of similar pre poos will also have a positive effect on your hair texture and sheen. Ordinarily, improved texture and sheen are a result of well moisturized and conditioned hair; and these are the conditions that pre poos are designed to create. Remember, however, that the key here is to use the same type of treatments on a regular basis. Anything short of this, unfortunately, will have little or no effect on your hair.

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5 Reasons Why you Should Pre Poo Natural Hair

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