7 Extremely Effective Homemade Treatments for Dry Hair

The hair is an important part of your body and the general appearance. This being the case, it deserves the best care because it helps you maintain an amazing and gorgeous look, giving you all the confidence you may want as a woman. It is okay to spend your hard earned money to get that great haircut, but your hair also needs a little boost. There is no point breaking your piggy bank when you have the potential to create powerful treatments from the comfort of your own home.

Have you been struggling with dry hair? Here are 7 extremely effective do it yourself treatments. They will help you save several dollars each month that you could use in other ways.

1. Honey

Honey is thick and sticky and you might be reluctant to apply it onto your hair. Considering the benefits of honey, you may want to put your fears aside and try this sticky and seemingly messy stuff. These homemade treatments are basically a natural humectant, which means it has the power to attract and lock in moisture, which your hair desperately yearns for.


How to use:
Add 1-2 tablespoon of olive oil in order to loosen the honey. This is very important as it makes application and massage easier. Prepare around a half cup of this mixture, dump it onto your hair and leave it in for about 20 minutes. Rinsing should be done using warm water. If your hair is extremely damaged by the sun, you can try combining the honey with 1-2 tablespoon of ingredients that are rich in proteins such as blended avocado or even an egg yolk. This will go a long way in replenishing Keratin protein bonds that are usually attacked by the Ultraviolet rays.

2. Avocado

This fruit bears the reputation of one of nature’s perfect foods. It is great for your dry hair since it contains oils and proteins that smooth and moisturizes it and does not wear down your fine strands.


How to use:
Mash half an avocado and include a couple drops of peppermint essential oils. Before applying it on your hair, shampoo it and squeeze out the water. Allow the mask to sit for around 15 minutes and then rinse it off. Expect your hair to come out extremely soft, without being either greasy or flat. What is more, with the added scent, you will not have to mind the green mask sitting on your hair for quarter of an hour.

3. Coconut oil

The wonders of coconut oil are known far and wide and they are endless. It is heavy, and has characteristics which give it the ability to penetrate deep into the shaft of the hair. However, you should use it sparingly especially if your hair is fine or thin.

coconut oil

How to use:
Use a tablespoon of coconut oil and apply it on the ends of moistened hair. Ensure to warm the oil on the microwave if it is in solid form before applying it. Is your hair severely dry? Try keeping the coconut oil on your head overnight and then shampoo it in the morning for effective results.

4. Banana and olive oil

Besides performing magic on your feet, bananas can also perform wonders on your dry hair. This is especially so when combined with olive oil.


How to use:
Mix one ripe banana with a tablespoon of olive oil and then mash it thoroughly til the banana is fully pureed. This is done in order to ensure that you obtain a smooth texture to avoid ending up with banana chunks in your hair. Then massage the pureed content into your hair, as well as into the scalp. Allow the treatment to sit for 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly and shampoo it.

5. Pumpkin plus Honey

You will always have pumpkin leftovers in your kitchen that you could put to good use instead of throwing them away. Pumpkins normally have a wide range of amazing benefits. For instance, they are rich in Vitamins A and C, potassium, zinc and beta-carotene that are needed to repair your dry hair.


How to use:
Prepare one cup of pumpkin puree and then add a tablespoon or two of honey, a natural humectant. Apply the combination, as much as you want on your hair and the scalp. You may have to wear a shower cap or wrap your hair using a saran wrap in order to keep the mask in place. Leave it for not less than 15 minutes and then rinse it out. This DIY treatment is also perfect for your face as well.

6. Mayonnaise and avocado

Mayonnaise is typically made up of oil and egg and therefore it is very moisturizing for any dry hair. Additionally, the high content of fat in avocados makes your hair less dry and hence prevents it from breaking.

mayonaisse and avocado

How to use
How do you make this treatment? You are required to mix two tablespoonfuls of mayonnaise and a half mashed avocado in a bowl until it becomes creamy. Then, apply the home made conditioner on your hair, giving special attention to the ends. In order to achieve an even distribution, try using a wide tooth comb during application.

7. Baking soda

This works well on hair that is dry and dull looking.

baking soda

How to use
You are required to mix 1/4 cup of water with a tablespoon of baking soda to prepare a thin paste. Then, apply the mixture on already moistened hair and comb it using a wide tooth comb in order to spread it evenly. After some time, rinse it using cool water and then shampoo it like you do on regular days. Alternatively, you may choose to add a tablespoon of baking soda to your ordinary shampoo, lather it onto your hair and rinse as usual.

All the ingredients needed to prepare all of these treatments at home are easily available; if you don’t have any of these, try preparing and using one that you will feel is easy for you. Besides, since they are all natural ingredients, it will not hurt trying all of them once in a while.

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7 Extremely Effective Homemade Treatments for Dry Hair

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