All About Ayurveda Medicine For Hair Loss

As a cosmetic addition, hair is very important to our appearance. Having healthy hair is a great indication of the presence of a healthy body. It is therefore important for everyone to maintain silky, shiny and thick hair. However, sometimes this is not the case and hair loss becomes a part of our lives. If you are struggling with hair loss, you do not have to get comfortable or even accept the situation and just decide to move on.

Once in a while, everybody usually have to deal with problems of hair loss. Medically, loss of hair is referred to as alopecia which may be a sign of one or a number of underlying health conditions. Unfortunately, this condition will and has already cost your beauty and in turn bringing in a set of depressing feelings.

There is a solution though: Ayurveda medicine for hair loss. Recent days have seen more and more people turning to Ayurveda to solve their hair loss problems.

How does Ayurveda work?

Ayurveda has the belief that the control of hair fall is associated to the body type, as well as the stability the body and mind of an individual. Hair in this case is considered as a by product of the formation of the bones. Therefore, the tissues that are responsible for your hair growth are the same ones responsible for bone formation.

Ayurveda treatment for hair loss has formed quite a reputation of being highly effective in the prevention and restoration of hair loss. So what is this treatment made up of? It is comprised of a combination of diet, yoga, medication and of course medicated herbal oil for doing massage.

Dietary recommendations for treating hair loss

Hair fall is considered a problem associated with pitta dosha. Therefore, you will be required to establish your bad eating habits that contribute to the rise of pitta in your body. Pitta is normally increased by the excessive consumption of tea, alcohol, tea, meats and smoking. It is also aggravated by consumption of excessive fried, greasy, oily, spicy and acidic foods.

As far as medicated herbal oils are concerned, there are plenty of different types of oils helpful in hair loss. They include coconut oil, brahmi, arnica, Alma and mustard oil. You may also want to include honey in either of the oils you choose to massage on your scalp since it is known for stimulating growth of hair follicles. Apple cider vinegar is also extremely useful for accelerating growth of hair.

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All About Ayurveda Medicine For Hair Loss

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