All About Hair Texture Softener

Hair texture softener can be described as a mild relaxer that is aimed at loosening kinks and curls in hair when it is difficult to manage. In general, this product is used for multiracial and African-American hair. There are some brands that have been formulated with children of up to 5 years in mind.

A softener tends to straighten curls and kinks to a state that is manageable. This is attributed to its gentle relaxing system. This product makes it easy for the user to comb through his hair. It also eliminates/ minimizes breakage in addition to the natural curl patterns being maintained in looser versions.

Keep in mind that a texture softener is actually a type of relaxer, considering that it works in a similar manner. Just as with ordinary relaxers, it breaks down the chemical bonds that are found within hair strands. After using a softener, hair is combed into a curl pattern of one’s choice. A neutralization process is used to re-form the broken chemical bonds in order to match with the new shape of the hair.

When the process is done correctly, it results to a curl pattern that is looser and easier to manage. The process also results to an all-round healthier feel and look, and the hair also has less breakage.

Much like relaxers and perms, a texture softener partially alters the hair’s chemical makeup. Owing to this chemical change, the hair remains texturized up to the time it is trimmed off.

When applying it on the hair, it is important to consider the period for which it remains on the hair; this period is determined by the manufacturer because the formulas used vary from one manufacturer to another. However, leaving it on for an extended period of time will result in straight hair.

In order to avoid breakage and chemical damage, the softener should only be applied to new growth if the hair has been processed previously. It is also important to ensure that the manufacturer’s directions are read carefully before the chemical is applied on the hair.

If the product is meant for use on a child’s hair, it is important to purchase one that is formulated for use on children. Note that this product is only meant for natural hair and therefore, do not use it on relaxed/ permed hair.

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All About Hair Texture Softener

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