All-Natural DIY Natural Hair Cream Recipe

Commercial hair care products are costly not mentioning how unsafe they could be especially because you do not know the kind of chemicals they are made of. Now in as much as we want healthy and longer looking hair, sometimes you just have to use those that your gut feels comfortable with.

There is some good news though, you can now make your own hair cream from the comfort of your own kitchen. Amazing, right? Besides, it is easy to do and less costly by far compared to the ones sold in the stores. The ingredients you need to make these hair creams are sitting right there in your kitchen cabinets.

Let me bring you up to date on how to prepare a natural hair cream: hydrating cocoa butter hair cream from the comfort of your home. So, what ingredients do you need to make this hair cream? Whenever possible you should use organic oils.

Have them in the following measure:

1. One oz sweet almond oil or sesame oil; utilize light oils instead of olive since they tend to be a little bit heavier for a hair cream.

2. Two oz of Hairtopia Beautiful Hair Oil or even plain jojoba oil and eight oz of raw cocoa butter chunks.

3. Rosewood as well as lavender essential oils are a great addition to the plain jojoba oil. Further a splash of jasmine essential oil will usually infuse a wonderful scent as does vanilla.


Simply combine all the ingredients and ensure to stir well. Pour the mixture into the sterilized glass jars and then give it time to become solid. This hair treatment will possess the same consistency as that of soft butter especially when stored at 70 degrees. If you want it to become more solid, you may want to store it in a cooler or refrigerator.

How to apply

Start by melting a pea sized amount of the cream on your palms and then apply on your wet or dry hair to keep the ends of your hair soft and split free. Just a little amount of that cream goes a long way in taking care of your hair. To prevent the cream from melting, ensure to keep it in a cool place.

Some people also find that the oil usually absorbs best if applied on their wet tresses. Depending on the present needs of your hair, this natural cream may be used as a pre-shampoo, a rinsed out conditioner or even a leave in conditioner. Unless specifically instructed, this cream is not recommended for direct application to the roots or the scalp.

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All-Natural DIY Natural Hair Cream Recipe

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