Benefits of Hair Treatments Using Essential Oils

Typically, essential oils are usually derived from the non-seed part of a plant. Beside other uses, essential oils are normally used as ingredients in home made recipes for hair as well as hair care solutions. These essential oils are generally numerous in the market ranging from tea tree oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, and lemon oil among many others.

Have you ever posed to think the benefits of carrying out hair treatments using essential oils? For starters, each type of essential will have a different fragrance from the next one, some of, which you may like and despise others. However, the benefits of essential oils go beyond fragrance. They also serve the following benefits:

1. Supporting hair growth

If not all of us, most of us want our hair to grow long and healthy. A mixture of these essential oils help you in achieving your hair growth goals as they improve hair regrowth in people who have suffered hair loss, while some oils have supported hair regrowth such as rosemary, cedar wood oils, and lavender oils, others have accelerated hair growth such as jujube oil.

2. Essential oils are antibacterial and antifungal

Some oils have a reputation of against ringworm and can therefore be considered as antifungal such as herbal based oils and spice. Others such as clove, rosemary, and sage oil are also known to have some antibacterial activities. Tea tree oil is wondrous and a special case because it is both an antifungal and antibacterial not mentioning some antiviral activity. It is also known to have the capabilities to minimize swelling making it an effective treatment for all kinds of bumps.

3. Causing physical sensation

Some essential oils are known to induce a physical effect on the scalp as far as hair care is concerned. It has been erroneously reported that the tingling felt is connected to follicle stimulation, there is no scientific evident yet. Ylang ylang is known to have the capacity of increasing skin temperature of which some people might feel as a warm sensation. Use peppermint oil if you want to experience this tingling effect.

Essential oils may have all these important benefits, it is important to note some people usually experience allergic reactions following their use. Therefore, ensure to conduct effective test before using any of them. Additionally, if you are pregnant, essential oils are not usually recommended.

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Benefits of Hair Treatments Using Essential Oils

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