Best 4 Natural Hair Oils

Conventional hair products are ultra-pricy. They require you to dig deeper into your pockets. Despite their cost, their effectiveness is often questionable. But you do not have to go for these products. You can as well get natural hair products from your local food store. From the store, you can choose from a long list of natural oils. Most of these will do wonders to your hair. Four of the oils that you may give a try are discussed here.

Argan oil

This natural product is also referred, though casually, as Liquid Gold or Miracle Oil. It is often used as a natural sunscreen. It is quite effective in protecting the skin against the harmful ultra violet rays. It also repairs damaged skin. In addition to protecting the skin, the oil serves other important roles. For instance, it can help you improve the elasticity of dry, brittle hair.

argan oil

Argan oil can also help in reducing the frizziness of your locks making them softer and more manageable. This natural hair oil is also effective in repairing damaged tresses and reducing further damage. Better yet, argan oil aids in hair growth.

Coconut oil

coconut oil

Those who are into organic hair oils often include this product in their arsenal. The most amazing thing about coconut oil is that it works well with both dry and oily scalps. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to soothe itchy or irritated scalps. Besides aiding in hair growth, coconut can restore damaged hair’s shine and vitality.

Grape-seed oil

This super-popular natural hair oil is odorless, and non-greasy. It is widely used as a natural sunscreen for hair, but it can also be used as carrier oil (that is if you have to make your own concoctions). Grape-seed oil can also be applied directly as an irritated-scalp treatment.

grape seed oil

The natural oil contains vitamin E and linoleic acid, both of which are essential for strengthening hair. Additionally, grape-seed oil contains effective anti-dandruff properties.

Pomegranate-seed oil

Pomegranate-seed oil contains antioxidants and a fatty acid called Punicic Acid. There are many reasons why this hair oil should be on the list of your natural hair products.

pomegranate seed oil

First and foremost, the oil should be on the list because it can help repair damaged tresses. It can also be used alone, or mixed with other ingredients, and applied on your hair to introduce a silky smooth feel and shine.

There you have it: 4 exceptionally effective natural oils that are readily available. Before spending your money on anything else, give these oils a go.

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Best 4 Natural Hair Oils

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