Best Hair Treatment For Men With Thinning Hair

Thinning hair in men is a common problem. It may be brought about by many factors. Major causes of hair thinning in men include genetics or heredity, dietary and stress related causes, and certain lifestyles or behavior.Genetics or heredity is to blame for the most common hair thinning problem, called pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia.The second most common type of hair thinning in males is telogen effluvium (TE). Unlike pattern baldness, which is hereditary, TE is caused by severe stress and iron deficiency. Other major causes of thinning hair in men are lifestyle related, including excessive tobacco smoking.

The best hair treatment for men with thinning hair largely depends on the cause. Thinning caused by such factors as stress, iron deficiency, and lifestyles are easiest to deal with. All that the victims or patients are called to do is to avoid the cause. Those whose problem is caused by stress, for instance, can best deal with their problem by managing stress.

Those with an iron deficiency, on the other hand, can best deal with their problem by taking iron-rich foods (like eggs, legumes, green-leafy vegetables, and liver) or by taking iron-rich supplements. Smokers suffering from the problem, on their part, can benefit by dealing with their habit before trying anything else.

Even if your hair loss is not caused by such factors as iron deficiency, you may still benefit from a diet change. Try incorporating foods rich in omega 3 fatty-acids into your diet. Exceptional source of these omega 3 fatty-acids is oily-fish, including salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel, and tuna. Other foods, like walnuts, avocados, and flaxseeds are also good sources of omega 3 nutrients.

Saw palmetto is another natural remedy that is also believed to be effective. Research results from studies published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reveals that the compound may increase hair growth in men. Historically, saw palmetto has been used to treat hair loss in men and women. This compound is also a major ingredient in most shampoos and hair products.

Another way of dealing with thinning hair is by addressing hypothyroidism. This is a problem caused by an underactive thyroid gland. If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and your hair is quickly getting thinner, you may benefit by addressing the problem. You only need to add sea vegetables into your diet. Common sea vegetables include wakame, nori, dulse, and kombu.

Thinning hair in men may also be treated by boosting biotin levels in the body. On its part, biotin is the compound responsible for promoting hair and scalp health. Good sources of biotin include nuts, brown rice, and oats.

Major hair loss treatments are diet related. This is by no fluke. This, luckily, makes matters easy for those suffering from the problem. If, as a patient, you can associate your problem with nutrient deficiency, then you are on your way to recovery. Take the right steps. If, on the other hand, you believe that the problem is caused by the way you are living, you can still do something about it. It is possible that the best hair treatment for men with thinning hair is within your reach and power.

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Best Hair Treatment For Men With Thinning Hair

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