Best Tips for Effective Hair Trimming

Different persons prefer varying hair lengths. At another level, we all are aware of the fact that the longer the hair is, the longer it has been exposed to the daily tortures that we put our hair through. Such tortures include the sun, the wind, blow drying, pillows, harsh shampoos and even styling techniques that put excess tension on your hair such as a pony tail. Therefore, in order to keep your hair looking healthy, a good trim is very important for your hair once in a while.

So, if you do not know anything about trimming hair, here are useful hair trimming tips:

For starters, let’s establish when exactly you should trim your hair. On average, your hair should grow at a rate of approximately 1.25 cm (a half inch) every month. Typically, your hair should be trimmed after every eight weeks. How does this impact your hair length? It means that between cuts, your hair should have grown about one inch, an impressive growth right?

There is more, if you have already attained your desired hair length, it means that you have an inch to spare. This extra inch is the part of your hair that has over time been abused, mistreated and damaged the most. It is the inch that is ready for retirement and should therefore be made to retire.

If your aim is to make your hair grow longer, it means that you can get rid of the least healthy a half inch of hair during every trim and still manage to gain three inches every year. This may not be the best news for anyone who aims to have healthier and longer looking hair. The progress might seem slow but I am sure you will be excited with the results in the end.

How do you go about trimming your hair in the right way? Start by obtaining a pair of hair shears. The regular scissors will gnaw through the hair and consequently cause more split ends. The cut should be done perpendicularly to the hair strand as this is known to keep the ends stronger than a slanted cut does. To ensure a strong end, ensure to cut a quarter inch above the split end. On special occasions, split ends will be longer than the specified a quarter inch above the end and should therefore be cut accordingly. Lastly, if you have dark hair, try trimming it against a light background vice-versa.

A good trim is an important hair care routine to enjoy not only longer but also healthier hair. You may think that you are going at a loss at the beginning but in the long run, the results are impressive.

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Best Tips for Effective Hair Trimming

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