Brazilian Blowout vs Brazilian Keratin Treatment

You may have across the ‘Brazilian Blowout’ term in recent years, as the subject have been hot in certain media, for good and for bad. And no, it is NOT a south american tantric sex technique, but a revolutionary new hair straightening technique that has given hope and happiness to many a woman struggling with frizzy and unruly hair. Here you can learn about the system before plunging for a treatment.

Keratin treatment and Brazilian treatments are very popular hair smoothing products that are relied upon for straightening the hair without compromising the health of the hair. Smoothing treatments usually concentrate on eliminating frizz, repairing hair damage and enhancing the general appearance of the hair.

Depending on the treatment you decide to use, you can eliminate up to 95% of the frizz, hence giving your hair an added shine. These Brazilian treatments are also very useful in fighting off the humidity of the scalp, which helps in keeping your hair healthy and easy to manage.

It is not an easy task to choose between these two treatments. However, conducting a research about the application process and their ability to improve your hair condition will help you make the right decision. Keep reading to learn about their similarities and differences before investing in either of them.

Brazilian Blowout Process

This is the original treatment used for smoothing purposes. It has a reputation of improving hair conditioning by creating a protective protein layer surrounding the hair shaft to get rid of frizz and also to smooth the cuticle. This treatment is great for frizzy and unmanageable hair. Additionally, it helps reduce the time you usually take to blow dry your hair and the time taken to flat iron your hair during styling.

After the hair is shampooed and towel dried with some moisture remaining, the product is applied section by section. The hair is then blow dried and flat ironed at 450 degree F. The product will then be rinsed out of your hair.  After this, a moisturizing masque will be applied for a minute. You will then be blow dried again. It takes around 90 minutes.

brazilian blowout before and after image
View before and after result that show the Brazilian Blowout difference

Keratin Hair Treatment Process

After the hair is shampooed, towel dried, and then blow dried to 100% dry, the product is applied lightly, one section after another. You will then have to wear a cap for 20-30 minutes, in order to let the product fully penetrate the hair. The hair is then blow dried and flat ironed, generally at the 450 degree Fahrenheit setting. For damaged or over-processed hair, a lower temperature is used.

A difference to the Brazilian Blowout is, that you will then leave the salon with the product still in your hair (but your hair looking blow dried and finished), and you must then shampoo the product out of your hair at home after three days, all the while avoiding moisture or anything that will leave an impression in your hair. I takes  2-3 hours.

Benefits and drawbacks

A Brazilian blowout and a traditional Keratin Hair Treatment provide similar results and both have a reputation for delivering straight, frizz free and sleek hair. Nevertheless, there are pros and cons for each of these products. The benefits are quite clear in that both of them provide good results as far as making the hair straight, as well as eliminating the frizz.

Regarding the application period, the Keratin Treatment  requires a longer period compared to the Brazilian blowout treatment. Specifically, the former can take up to three hours while the latter takes an hour or less to apply.

As far as the price is concerned, both treatments are expensive and usually cost between $150 and $400, but there are people who find it worthwhile. Essentially, the Brazilian Blowout treatment is faster and cost a little less at the hair salon.

One of the main drawbacks of a Brazilian blowout is that it normally contains formaldehyde, which is a dangerous chemical.

When purchasing Brazilian keratin treatment, it is important for you to confirm if it is genuine by ensuring that it is made from oxidized keratin instead of hydrolyzed keratin.

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

The Brazilian Blowout is hair  straightening hair system that effectively straightens hair by sealing in the hair with a liquid keratin and an added  preservative, all done with a flat hair iron. The system is also known as: Brazilian Keratin Treatment, BKT, escova progressiva, Keratin cure or keratin straightening. The Brazilian Blowout, however, is a Trademark name for the treatment.

The BKT is a long-term blow dry for hair that lasts about two to three months. It can be performed on all types of chemically-treated hair (bleached, hi-lights, permed, relaxed or coloured or previously straightened hair). The technique aims to eliminate frizz, unruly curls and waves effectively.  The system does not guarantee straight hair entirely, but can straighten between 50 and 80 percent of the curl.

brazilian blowout hair treatment process in salon

Brazilian Keratin Treatments last around 10–12 weeks and the treatment should be repeated every few months.

Who can benefit from this technique?

The hair treatment has become extremely popular in recent years, as it has gained media coverage from endorsements from celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Nicole Ritchie.

The Brazilian Blowout is different from Japanese straightening systems and other Brazilian systems, because it does not straighten the hair entirely. The hair still will have plenty of volume and body and can still retain its curlyness or wavyness.

The BKT will however soften whatever curl or wave you have in your hair.  If the hair is air dried without a blow dryer it will have no frizz, but retain some waves. The treatment can be used effectively by practically everyone suffering from unruly and frizzy, curly hair even if the hair has been coloured or previously bleached.

How is the Brazilian Blowout applied ?

The hair is first washed with a clarifying shampoo and then the hair solution is applied and the hair is dried.  A flat iron is then used to seal in the solution in the hair cuticles. Complete by rinsing out  the solution and then apply a conditioning mask and finish with a blow dry. The entire treatment takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours, depending on the amount of hair treated.

How much does it cost?

The usual cost for a this hair straightening technique in a salon is between 200$ and 500$, averaging around 300$ in America. The cost will vary depending on the length of your hair and the metropolitan location of the salon.

Shop around for the best price, but make sure that the salon come recommended and always ask if the salon uses formaldehyde in its treatment, and if so, whether it is below 2 %. You can do it cheaper by doing it yourself at home, but you need to involve a friend with some expertise, as you can burn yourself badly, by attempting to use the hot flat iron yourself, specifically in the area on the back of your head.

Is a Brazilian Blowout safe?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this keratin hair treatment in recent years and some class-action lawsuits have been filed. The controversy concentrates on the use of formaldehyde in the original solution, which is a known carcinogenic (a cancer-causing agent). The concerns very raised after stylists at an Oregon salon reported they were experiencing breathing problems and headaches.

The Oregon Health and Science University then issued a report  after finding that “formulations of Brazilian Blowout contained between 4.85 percent and 10.6 percent formaldehyde.” and the also found small amounts (0.1 percent of formaldehyde) present in samples labeled “formaldehyde free.”

The company behind the product insists that it is safe, and in any case, there are currently no limitations on the amount of formaldehyde that can be used in personal care products here in the U.S. The Brazilian Blowout is likely very safe for customers, who only use it every 2 or 3 months, and its side effects involves only staff of salons, who breathe and touch the solution 8 hours a day, every day.

In any case, ask the  salon for a solution that uses maximum 2% Formaldehyde or insist or the new ‘Formaldehyde Free’ product range that were recently released by the company.

Also, check that the salon had proper ventilation, just to make sure. You can even ask to have the treatment performed outside, after all you are the one paying the 100′s of dollars. All in all, the Brazilian Blowout is considered safe for the customer, who only come into contact with the product on a monthly basis.

Indeed, due to the effectiveness of the treatment, many women keep coming back for the treatment and likely will for years to come.

If you have any experience with the Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment, then please share your review the comment section below or ‘like’ this page.  For more information on Keratin Hair Treatments and the alternative non-formaldehyde Kerastase product range, please see the relevant pages.


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Brazilian Blowout vs Brazilian Keratin Treatment

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