Bumps on Scalp: Causes and Treatment

Bumps on scalp can be anything from annoying, unappealing, to irritating. The problem can even be more disturbing if you do not understand the cause of the problem and how to deal with it. The major cause of the problem, however, is easy to identify.

The primary cause of the problem is dermatitis. Visible signs of dermatitis include itching, inflammation, and pus filled blisters. Other causes of bumps on scalp include sebaceous cyst or epidermal, hives, weak immunity, skin cancer, and scalp pimples.

Almost all types of bump on scalps can be treated easily and inexpensively. To start with, you are advised to use rosemary oil. This is a natural product whose effectiveness cannot be underestimated. It is effective in treating almost all types of hair and scalp related problems.

The greatest fact about rosemary oil is that it contains both soothing and antibacterial properties. It also gives results within a relatively short time.

Another natural product that is known to be effective in dealing with hair and scalp problems is jojoba oil. This product mimics natural skin oil, sebum, and delivers results pretty fast. Unlike other synthetic and natural products, jojoba oil works well on all types of scalps. It does not cause itching or allergic reactions.

If, as a victim of scalp problems, you have tried all other remedies and failed, give jojoba oil a try. It may be all that you need.

Tea tree oil is another product that is quite effective in dealing with scalp infections. If your problem is caused by bacterial related infections, rest assured that tea tree oil will deal with the problem. This product contains antibacterial problems, so you can count on it to eliminate all bacteria that may be causing bump problems on your scalp.

Another exceptional natural product that is worth giving a chance is lavender oil. This oil contains properties that reduce inflammation and itching on your skin.

If you realize that your problem is being caused by hives, you are advised to use nonprescription antihistamines. This may be all that you need.

You may also want to know that bumps on scalp may be cause by weak immune system. To remedy the problem you may need to boost your immune system. A healthy diet, containing all the necessary food nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids, and minerals), may go a long way in remedying the problem.

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  1. I never had a problem with itchy scalp or bumps before I had my hair colored once about a year ago an now I have the problem all the time I will never color my hair again

Bumps on Scalp: Causes and Treatment

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