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4 Tips to Attain Tangle Free Hair

Tangle Free Hair

Tangled hair is hard to manage and can be such a headache to comb and style it every morning. One of the reasons why your tangled hair is difficult to handle is because it is dry and therefore in need of deep nourishment. Shampoos, styling, heat and environmental pollution are some of the factors to blame for your present state of hair. Brushing out tangles causes hair to break and that is why you need to do something for you to get tangle free hair.

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How to Prevent and Deal with Hair Tangles and Knots

Hair Tangles and Knots

Before you start the process of untangling your tangled hair, you may need to understand the causes of the problem. In most cases, tangled hair is caused by letting your hair be blown all over by wind and/or sleeping without hair protection. Washing hair piled on your head and not combing regularly are other factors that may cause this annoying situation. Another equally important cause is failure to moisturize hair properly.

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DIY Detangling Spray for Natural Hair

DIY Detangling Spray

When it comes to managing natural hair, one of the most frustrating and time consuming activity is detangling. If you do not have the necessary information about the right tools and hair care products to use in the process, one thing is undeniable. You will always dread the next time you are supposed to detangle your hair. In spite of it being so frustrating, detangling is and will always be an integral part of your natural hair regimen. That is if you want your hair to look great all day long.

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Top 5 Detangling Brushes for Natural Hair

Detangling Brushes

The process of detangling hair is an important step of caring for your hair. Putting random brushes and combs through your hair usually make all the difference between a proper detangle and merely grazing the surface. It is therefore important for you to always pick a brush that matches the density of your hair, the thickness, and your hair type.

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Best 3 Detangling Products

Best Detangling Products

Detangling natural hair, especially those that are generally curly, can be such a huge challenge. If your detangling process is frustrating, and tiring, then there is something you are yet to learn about. Besides the use of wide combs and dividing your hair into several sections, the use of the best detangling products can help solve what appears to you a huge hair care challenge.

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How to Detangle Natural Hair: Wet or Dry?

Detangle Natural Hair

In your early stages of growing natural hair, one of the most frustrating things you will have to deal with is detangling your hair, when dry and when wet. However, this is not the only time you might experience difficulties detangling your natural hair, even in later stages of hair growth.

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