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Homemade Treatments for Sensitive Scalp

Sensitive Scalp Treatments

Approximately 60% of women and 40% of men suffer from a sensitive scalp. How do you tell if what you are experiencing is a sensitive scalp? Look out for symptoms such as burning, tingling, itching, redness, or even pain. What is more, you may be diagnosed with a hyper reactive or hypersensitive scalp if your symptoms are severe.

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Dandruff vs Dry Scalp, Difference and Comparison

Dandruff Dry Scalp

Most people have a hard time distinguishing these two scalp conditions. Others, still, believe that the two are one in the same. The truth is that they are different. Most importantly, dry scalp is largely caused by lack of moisture, on the skin while dandruff is caused by too much oil (sebum) on the scalp.

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Common Scalp Itch Causes and Treatments

Scalp Itch Causes

An itchy scalp is the inflammatory reaction of the skin on the head underneath the hair. This condition is mostly associated with adults. The frequency, duration, and severity of the scalp are determined by the underlying cause. For the condition to be treated effectively, the cause needs to first be established. At times, an itchy scalp is associated with broken skin or a visible rash.

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Dandruff Brush: Does it Work?

Dandruff Brush

Is it true that a simple hair brush can help eliminate dandruff? Well, the answer is yes, but the effectiveness is dependent on the type of brush used. One of the brushes that I am sure of is the copper-tipped dandruff brush. This type of brush is becoming very popular for its natural, reliable, and effective control of bothersome dandruff.

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All About Hair Follicle Detox

Hair Follicle Detox

Your hair is prone to being ingested with toxins, especially with so much going on. For instance, the environment is full of things that could introduce toxins to your hair, such as second hand smoke and so on. Your blood is responsible for transporting toxins around your body, where it leaves bits by bits of the toxins over time. Your follicles are not safe from this misfortune, as the toxins get deposited there as well.

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How to Deal With an Itchy, Burning Scalp

Burning Scalp

No one loves any form of discomfort, and that includes you. If you are reading this, it is because you are dealing with the discomfort and embarrassment of a burning scalp syndrome; a poorly understood condition where part, or the entire scalp, of a person feels itchy, tingly, tender, or even hot. Unfortunately, this disorder is normally chronic and can change from hardly recognizable to almost unbearable.

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Oily Scalp: Causes and Treatment

Oily Scalp Treatments

Are you feeling like your scalp is too oily and suffocated? You have recently noticed that your hair is unusually greasy and takes unusually long to dry after you have taken a shower.You also perhaps have to deal with the musty smell emitted by your hair despite observing proper hygiene and daily washing.

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How to Improve Hair Follicle Health

Hair Follicle Health

What are hair follicles? They are small sacs that are lined with your skin cells. Let us go a little bit deeper to gather a better perception of hair follicles. Normally, oil glands release sebum into these sacs, which then act as a protectant and a lubricant for your hair. Apparently, the cells enter the sac and get packed together upon, which they are pushed our scalp resulting in hair. The hair shaft, which is the part of the hair that you see is made of keratin. Keratin is usually in the form of dead protein. (Click here to learn more about the hair follicle anatomy.)

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Hair Root Pain Causes and Treatment

Hair Root Pain

Hair is an important part of the appearance of a person. People have access to all types of hair beauty secrets in the markets. There are products, both homemade and ready-made, that you can use to have strong and healthy looking hair. Unfortunately, there is one problem that has always been given the least attention if any: hair root pain.

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