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Succes Rate of Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation Success

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular hair restoration procedures. Survival of transplanted hair, to say the least, is not always predictable. It is true that this procedure may lead to restoration of hairs on initially bald areas;but it is also true that the procedure may yield disappointing results. Many factors, thus, come into play in determining the success rate of hair transplant and related surgical procedures.

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Hair Implant vs Hair Transplant

Hair Implant Transplant

Thanks to advancement in technology and improved scientific research, a lot has been accomplished in the hair care industry. Individuals suffering from mild or severe cases of hair loss now have a chance of undergoing surgery to restore their hair. This is great news especially for people suffering from baldness at a very young age. Before people have had to choose between hair transplant and hair implant.

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Hair Cloning vs Hair Multiplication

Hair Cloning

One of the most obvious shortcomings of hair transplants is the fact that the existing hair in one’s scalp has to be redistributed. This means that even when hair transplant is done successfully, the hair density achievable is far less than what is initially desired. There is some good news though: hair cloning and hair multiplication are innovative techniques that hold great promises toward offering a solution to this obvious limitation.

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Hair Transplant for Black Men: All You Need to Know

Hair Transplant for Black Men

More than 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss problems within the USA alone, with most of the hair loss being caused by genetic factors. There are specific medical therapies for men and women that can help slow down hair loss, as well as medical treatments that help to cure this frustrating event. This notwithstanding, these therapies and medical treatment only offer temporary solution. On the other hand, until presently, only surgical hair transplantation provides a permanent solution.

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Can I Prevent or Predict Hair Transplant Shock Loss?

Hair Transplant Shock Loss

Hair transplants, being the only permanent solution for hair loss problems, is usually preferred by many people. However, in the process of conducting their research about hair transplantation, one reality hits them really hard: hair transplant shock loss. This is one of the major things that people are usually afraid of. Their inability to predict or be able to avoid this problem prevents them from making a go ahead decision to get a transplant.

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Does Hair Transplant From Donor Work?

Hair Transplant From Donor

Hair loss is a common thing in recent days, perhaps due to lifestyle change and other factors that have always been there since time immemorial. While there are so many effective non-surgical solutions for hair loss problems, severe cases may demand surgical procedures such as hair transplants. Hair transplants are being relied upon mostly by men to end baldness. Baldness can be frustrating and embarrassing especially when it comes when you are still young.

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Does Hairloss Treatment Using Stem Cells Work?

Hair Loss Treatment Using Stem Cells

There is so much that goes on inside our bodies that is unknown to us. For instance, about 90% of the hair on the scalp of a person is growing at any one given time. Every follicle has its life cycle that can be influenced by the presence of a disease, age and many other factors.

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Does Hair Transplant Without Scars Exist?

Hair Transplant Without Scars

Hair loss problems can be solved using a wide range of methods ranging from hair loss treatments, diets and surgical procedures. Hair loss that is not extreme can be restored with non-surgical means, but in extreme cases it can only be repaired using surgical means such as hair transplants.

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Compairing Hair Transplant Scar Repair Methods

Hair Transplant Scar Repair

Hair loss is a challenge that a good number of people have to deal with at some point in their lives. Depending on the intensity of the hair loss, you could be left with a big bald spot on your head at a very early age, which is something that can be very demoralizing. It is therefore logical and important to look for a way to refill such areas that don’t have any hair.

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