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How to Wash Your Hair With Beer

Wash Your Hair With Beer

Beer softens the mood of old, irritable men. However, this product does more than that. Most important of all, for both ladies and gentlemen, it softens hair. Beer has also been found to be effective in introducing a shine to dull hair. Although many shy away from trying this smelly concoction, the results are worth it, and the smell of beer fades away quickly.

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DIY Baking Soda Shampoo – Easy Recipe

DIY baking soda shampoo

Are you on a mission to minimize your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals found in commercial hair products, or rather, simplify your hair care regimen? Well, you are definitely in the right place. I can write with confidence that it always feels great and right to use a natural and time tested method of cleaning the hair.

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The Benefits Of Using Chemical Free Shampoos

Chemical Free Shampoos

Many shampoos contain chemicals that enhance scent, texture and lather while some contain preservative chemicals. Chemicals in hair care products like shampoo tend to get into the skin. The advantage with chemical-free shampoos is that the chemical amount used on one’s body is reduced, leading to a reduction in the chemical levels that get into the body. If you have an allergy towards chemicals, natural products are a great alternative.

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5 Reasons Why you Should Pre Poo Natural Hair

Pre Poo Natural Hair

Pre poo simply refers to treatments applied before shampooing or conditioning. While most of these treatments are natural oils, some individuals prepare their own pre-poos using household pantry items. Popular pre poos include coconut and olive oils. Besides oils, other popular pre poos include honey, bananas, yoghurt and homemade blends. Individuals use what works for them. Although these treatments require some extra time, there are at least 5 reasons why pre-pooing is good for your hair.

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4 Ways to Rinse Out Hair Dye

Rinse Out Hair Dye

If you are not happy with your hair-color treatment, there is something you can do about it. You can rinse out the dye. There are many ways of doing this, and some are discussed here.

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The Importance of Using the Best Clarifying Shampoo Brands

Clarifying Shampoo Brands

Many people always want to use the best clarifying shampoo brands because they know they can easily meet their needs. However, there are a number of these products in the market and not all of them are able to improve the hair’s health effectively. The advantage with being able to identify the best brands is that you will reduce hair issues like hair loss, breakage, dryness and split ends.

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Advantages of Hair Lengthening Shampoo & Conditioner

Hair Lengthening Shampoo

Do you have shoulder length or even shorter hair and are wondering how to make it grow? You must be aware from the very beginning that nothing can make your hair grow longer because the hair grows a predetermined inch longer each year. However, you can speed up this process using the right hair care products. One of the best ways of achieving this is using hair lengthening shampoo & conditioner. Perhaps you already have this information but still can’t establish the benefits of using a 2 in 1 hair care product.

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The Benefits of Hemp Shampoo for Your Hair

Hemp Shampoo

Hemp shampoo is one of the many products derived from hemp plants. This shampoo, made from hemp seed extracts, contains hemp oil. The oil contains numerous nutrients, including essential fatty acids, vitamins and proteins. It is a combination of these nutrients that makes this type of shampoo one of the most effective natural treatments for hair damaged by excessive use of coloring agents, bleaching agents, and other harsh hair processing agents.

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How to Make your Own Dry Shampoo at Home – DIY Recipe

Dry Shampoo Recipe

It is no longer debatable that dry shampoo has become a common alternative to the regular shampoos in recent days. Why has it become so popular then? It has the power to absorb the oil that makes your hair appear greasy and you do not have to worry about it drying out your scalp, like it happens when you wash your hair with water.

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How to Choose a Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Many shampoos contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. The manufacturers of hypoallergenic shampoos aim to eliminate harmful agents from their products. These shampoos do not contain added colors and are fragrance-free. Other causes of allergies may be botanicals, forming agents, herbs, and parabens that act as preservatives in skin and hair care products.

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