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Chelating Shampoo is the Secret to Healthy Hair

Chelating Shampoo

Human hair often has heavy build-up on the scalp and hair associated with pool water chemicals, hard water minerals, and hair product residue. Chelating shampoo is beneficial to people living in places with extremely hard water and those who swim in pools that are chemically treated. The agents in the shampoo tend to bond with impurities and minerals in the hair and remove them as the hair is being rinsed.

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Detox Hair Shampoo That Really Work

Each time a toxin is introduced to your body, it is carried by the blood around your veins, whereby it is deposited bit by bit throughout your body. One of the parts that suffer from this misfortune is the hair follicle, where the toxins get trapped permanently, or at least until you decide to cut your hair.

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Co-Washing Natural Hair

Co Washing Natural Hair

Co-washing is perhaps one of the best practices you can adopt when you are going natural with your hair. Are you co-washing your hair currently? If you are not and perhaps do not know exactly what I am talking about, allow me to teach you something new that will make your natural hair constantly, thank you.

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Shampoo For Dry Scalp: A Buying Guide

Shampoo For Dry Scalp

If you are reading this its likely because you are still struggling with a dry scalp and you cannot stand another day of an itchy scalp, which leads to flakes on your shoulders. Besides hair treatments that you have been using with little or no success, you might be in need of something else.

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