Chelating Shampoo is the Secret to Healthy Hair

Human hair often has heavy build-up on the scalp and hair associated with pool water chemicals, hard water minerals, and hair product residue. Chelating shampoo is beneficial to people living in places with extremely hard water and those who swim in pools that are chemically treated. The agents in the shampoo tend to bond with impurities and minerals in the hair and remove them as the hair is being rinsed.

The problem with the unwanted buildup is that it causes significant damage by weighing the hair down. For many individuals, hard water build-up, as well as product build-up from hair sprays, mousses, and gels, is a common problem. While regular shampooing can cleanse the scalp and hair, it cannot remove all of the product residue and minerals. Eventually, due to the extreme build-up, hair can become dry, unmanageable, and limp.

Chlorine, copper, salts, magnesium, and calcium are some of the chemical deposits that can accumulate even after shampooing; this explains why swimmers have to deal with significant amounts of unwanted build-up. When the chemicals are not removed immediately, the hair can develop a green tint which is also hard to eliminate. Chelating shampoo is of great use to swimmers because it is extremely effective in getting rid of the chemical accumulation.

Chelating shampoos act as great precursors to chemical services. When the scalp and hair have unwanted build-up, processes such as coloring and relaxing the hair are affected. This is because these processes need to work deep within the hair’s shaft. When the build-up is eliminated, the coloring and relaxers are able to penetrate deeper, allowing the processes to work as expected.

Just as with other chelating cleansers, this shampoo can be harsh. As it strips all of the build-up from the hair, it also eliminates the scalp’s natural oils, resulting in the hair and scalp becoming dry. This explains why it is not meant to be used every day; these shampoos should be used at most once a week. In order to replenish the moisture lost while shampooing, a good hydrating hair conditioner needs to be used.

Some individuals use clarifying shampoos in place of chelating shampoos simply because they contain some chelating ingredients. However, clarifiers lack the compounds meant to ensure all unwanted toxins, impurities, and minerals are removed. The use of clarifiers is a common cause of the extreme build-up that leads to hair becoming unmanageable, dry, and limp.

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Chelating Shampoo is the Secret to Healthy Hair

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