Co-Washing Natural Hair

Co-washing is perhaps one of the best practices you can adopt when you are going natural with your hair. Are you co-washing your hair currently? If you are not and perhaps do not know exactly what I am talking about, allow me to teach you something new that will make your natural hair constantly, thank you.

So, what is co-washing?

It simply entails the use of a conditioner for cleansing instead of using a shampoo. The key is cutting out the shampoo and simply going straight to the conditioning part.

Why should you do it?

As far as cleansers are concerned, you should already have started using sulfate free products.Unfortunately, sulfates are cleansing agents that are usually included in the majority of commercial shampoos. They are what provides shampoos with the bubbly and foamy properties. It is true that they make bath time fun but they are also strong de-greasers that literally strip oil from your hair. This explains why you should go for sulfate free shampoos, that is if you still continue to use shampoo.

On the other hand, if you want to take your hair care a notch higher, co-washing should be the next thing you put your mind into. Commercially sold conditioners are usually formulated using cleansing agents besides conditioning agents, therefore rendering shampoos, not necessary. You can also use a conditioner to clean your hair, so in actual fact, it is just the same as getting two benefits at one price.

How often should you do it?

The frequency with which you co-wash your hair should be dependent on personal preferences. You may want to maintain your present hair care regime, but eliminate the shampoo part. If you normally wash your hair twice in a week, just use a conditioner instead of shampoo. If you have not been doing this, try it out to prevent your hair from drying and looking dull.

Effective tip:

While it is perfectly okay to co-wash your hair, there are important tips and tricks that will make it work in the long run. Consider the following when co-washing natural hair.

Avoid co-washing using a deep conditioner

If you intend to co-wash your hair regularly like three times in a week or more avoid conditioners labelled as deep conditioners or even intensive mask.They usually contain a larger portion of ingredients that stick to your hair. Typically, these ingredients are not too bad, but they can cause build up and especially now that you are not shampooing. Only use deep conditioner when you feel that hair is in need of additional care.

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Co-Washing Natural Hair

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