Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments at Home: The What and the Why

Your hair, your flowing locks, your glorious mane, or perhaps your close cut pixie, neatly framed bob, or even expertly arranged sheath; whatever it is you put some time into it and want it to look beautiful. Our hair is exposed to the elements. It is exposed to the damaging effects of our styling and “care” products. It falls victim to the ravages of our hobbies; is tugged and pulled even while we rest and recuperate. Just as our skin and nails react to our diet and exercise regimen, so does our hair.

Why Condition? Isn’t It Just a Waste of Time?

Most every day we wash our hair to remove all of the grime, dirt, smoke, and pollution of the day. As we remove all the bad stuff, we also remove the natural oils manufactured by our bodies to strengthen and protect our hair. While we seek to remove products applied, and pollutants gathered we inadvertently remove protective layers from our hair that keep it healthy, thick, and strong. A deep conditioning treatment can help reverse and prevent this damage.

A good conditioner purchased from your local store and used along with your shampoo can help prevent this kind of breaking from occurring. These rinse-out conditioners prevent breaking by coating the hair. In turn, the hair breaks less, tangles less, and brushes out more easily and smoothly. A deep conditioner takes this a step further by smoothing out the cuticle, or the topmost layer of the hair, which can become damaged most readily. This kind of treatment repairs hair and prevents further damage.

How Do I Deep Condition My Hair?

To start off, you must find the product that is right for you. If you are an African-American, your needs are different than Caucasians. African-American hair needs more oil. Look for a product with olive oil, coconut oil, or some other kind of deep-conditioning oil blend. Fine hair needs a much lighter kind of conditioning treatment to avoid appearing weighed down. Look for products that are light, or use less of them. Curly or very thick hair needs a heavier product to keep frizz under wraps.

If you prefer, you can also make a deep-conditioning treatment at home. By blending common food products with high oil content such as an avocado, a banana, coconut milk, and an egg together and using this mixture as your conditioner, you can essentially create your own product. Let this sit, well blended, on your hair overnight secured under a shower cap. Rinse the product out in the morning.

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Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments at Home: The What and the Why

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