Depressed Teen’s Amazing Hair Trasnformation

Mental health isn’t a game, and it’s not at all something that people should push aside and ignore. That was the important point that hairdresser Kayley Olsson, of Waterloo, IA, was attempting to convey with her viral Facebook post.

On 8 August, Olsson published three photos of a girl’s hair that she had worked on. The “before” shot was of the terribly tangled bed of hair. The “after” pictures, though? You wouldn’t even know that it was the same person.

As Olsson explains in her post, the matted and knotted hair belongs to a client that came to see her before taking her school pictures. The client is a 16-year-old girl who has been coping with severe depression. She sensed so low that she couldn’t even get up to brush her locks!

The teenager, who Olsson is keeping anonymous, asked her to just slice it all off because she couldn’t deal with the pain of combing it out, and that she felt so down and so worthless for this.

But Olsson wasn’t going to let her quit! She explained in the post that it broke her heart to hear the depressed young girl say these things, and she wanted to do everything she could to help her keep her hair.

After 13 combined hours (!) spread over two days, as well as lots of combing, detangling and cutting, they made the girl’s hair look gorgeous with a curly brown lob.

The teen was so happy with the result that she told Olsson:

“I will actually smile for my school pictures today, you made me feel just like me again.”

Today I had one of the hardest experiences with my client who I am keeping anonymous, I had a 16 year girl come in with…

Posted by Kayley Olsson on Dienstag, 8. August 2017

Olsson’s Facebook post has been shared over 63,000 times and has over 8,000 comments(!) from people praising both the Iowa-based hairstylist for her good deed, and also the young girl for her bravery.

Something as seemingly small as brushing hair can make a world of different to someone!

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Depressed Teen’s Amazing Hair Trasnformation

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