Does Hairloss Treatment Using Stem Cells Work?

There is so much that goes on inside our bodies that is unknown to us. For instance, about 90% of the hair on the scalp of a person is growing at any one given time. Every follicle has its life cycle that can be influenced by the presence of a disease, age and many other factors.

Additionally, we all possess stem cells inside the individual follicles of the hair. When the follicles get damaged or old they lose the ability to jump start the process of regenerating the hair. This can be caused by stress, genetic factors or even hair trauma.

Even in the presence of successful hair transplants, scientists are looking for better ways of treating hair loss problems. You might have already heard about hair loss treatment using stem cells, it is trending even as I write this.

So far, scientists have since managed to grow liver and brain cells in their laboratories using cell samples from human beings. In the same manner, others have found a way of nurturing new hair growth on the heads of people who have lost the hair on their heads.

How does it work?

Not all of us are scientists, in fact just a few are. However, some background knowledge of how the stem cell treatment works will not hurt. The type of the stem cells used in treating hair loss are removed from your fat/ peripheral blood and are known as Autologous stem cells.

The treatment entails two a two-step process of hair regeneration that starts with the collection of stem cells using a minimally invasive procedure followed by a local anesthetic. The stem cells gathered are then applied on the treatment area through injections with a microscopic needle. Stem cell treatment is outpatient and most of the patients report only mild discomfort while undergoing the procedure.

Are there any benefits for using stem cells to regrow hair?

For starters, you do not have to spend a day or night in the hospital while going through this treatment. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that you will only have to do it once. It is also safe, as the stem cells used have been proven to be fully safe and effective. You cannot compare stem cell treatments with painful and costly hair transplants.

The Autologous stem cells promote the growth of new hair in about three to four weeks. Your hair density also increases by around 30 to 40% by the time you have undergone 3 treatment sessions. Expect 5-6 sessions on average in a week during which you will be given supplements.

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Does Hairloss Treatment Using Stem Cells Work?

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