Does Hair Transplant Without Scars Exist?

Hair loss problems can be solved using a wide range of methods ranging from hair loss treatments, diets and surgical procedures. Hair loss that is not extreme can be restored with non-surgical means, but in extreme cases it can only be repaired using surgical means such as hair transplants.

Besides the possible side effects associated with hair transplants, potential patients are also usually afraid of retaining scars. So, one of the most commonly asked question is: is there a type of hair transplant without scars?

A hair transplant that leaves no scars typically does not exist. Hair transplants, just like any other surgical procedure, will leave you with a scar, either easily noticeable or hard to notice.More and more doctors are promising patients hair transplants that save them from ugly scars.

There are basically two techniques used in hair transplants and each has its own benefits and limitations that you need to keep in mind before settling for either of them. Although you cannot have hair transplant without scars, there are ways of ensuring that you retain minimal scars during and after the surgical procedure.

What can you do to retain minimal hair transplant scars?

1. Research and look for hair transplant methods that generate minimal scars on your scalp during the transplant surgery.

2. There are many surgeons who can perform the surgery. If you want to keep the scars to a minimum, it is important to go for the best surgeons in your region or country.

3. There are guidelines that must be followed before and after going through the transplant, so be keen on observing each one of them as advised by your surgeon. This will go a long way in avoiding huge and ugly scars after the transplant.

4. You could do a bit of evaluations of different types of hair transplants by yourself or with the help of a medical practitioner before the surgery. This will help you be adequately informed and consequently help you in being confident with the hair transplant you have chosen; the one you believe will give you minimum scars.

Hair transplant techniques associated with little scars

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the hair transplant method with a reputation for causing minimal scalp scars. Rather than having to remove a strip of graft or numerous follicular units around the same time in order to transplant, this technique entails performing one or two individual follicles of your hair at the same time, thus resulting in an almost no scar situation.

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Does Hair Transplant Without Scars Exist?

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