Does Shea Butter Grow Hair?

Shea butter is an essential ingredient that acts as a rich source of moisture, vitamins and fats that are good for your skin and hair. In its natural form, the butter is usually a thick and yellowish substance that turns liquid at body temperature. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a wonderful nourishing choice for your scalp.

It is a product of the shea karite tree and it is the nuts from this tree that are harvested, then cracked, grilled and pounded. Once the nuts are pounded, they are boiled for a long period of time and then the fat or rather the butter rises to the top. The rich unprocessed butter is then scooped from the water and given time to cool down.

Now that you have valuable information about this highly useful ingredient, you may want to know, does shea butter grow hair? It definitely does as it can be applied on both the hair and the scalp.

If you are struggling with a scalp that is dry, flaky or even irritated, then what you need is shea butter. As I mentioned earlier, this natural butter is a critical source of moisture that your dry scalp and hair desperately needs. Dry hair stagnates in growth because it lacks the necessary nutrients to remain strong against breakage.

This product when applied on the hair helps in moisturizing the individual strands and therefore minimizing dryness and possible breakage. It is this reduced breakage that will promote growth of longer and healthier looking hair over a given period of time.

Use the butter either on your scalp, hair or both of them to enhance the health, the length and the overall appearance of your hair. Gently warm your butter to make it liquid and then work it through your hair or scalp. After applying it leave it for about 30 minutes on your hair wrapped up in a towel to get additional warmth.

After 30 minutes, wash it using shampoo and then condition it as usual. You may also use the butter as a styling cream especially if you have damaged or curly hair. You just have to rub a small amount of the product on the palms of your hands and then apply to your hair. Ensure to keep the butter away from the roots when using it as a styling cream to prevent the hair from looking greasy or even unwashed.

Although this natural butter is extremely useful for your skin and hair, you may want to avoid it if you are usually allergic to tree nuts.

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Does Shea Butter Grow Hair?

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