Doing a Hair Spa Treatment at Home

You are amazingly beautiful, possess a great personality, and most importantly, you always know what to put on, because your fashion sense is perfect. However, there is always one thing that lets you down and puts you in an embarrassing situation: your hair.

You spend huge chunks of money in the salon, and the impact does not last as long as you may want it to. If you are facing this kind of hair problem, a hair spa treatment is just what you need. No, don’t worry about spending more of your money in a beauty salon; you can do a spa treatment by yourself, from the comfort of your home.

A hair spa done at home requires not anything so expensive or exclusive. You will be happy to know that most of the products you require for your home hair spa are sitting in your kitchen cabinet. A homemade hair spa is made up of five important stages, namely massaging, steaming, washing, conditioning, and hair mask application.

1. Massaging

Massaging should be done using any nourishing oil, and should last for 15 to 20 minutes. You may use almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or sesame oil. Mix equal parts of these oils to achieve maximum benefits, and massage gently using your fingertips to increase blood circulation and also help in enhancing your hair growth.

2. Steaming

This step entails steaming your hair warm. Start by dipping a towel or cotton cloth in warm water and squeezing it to get rid of excess water. Then, wrap the towel around your head, while covering all your oiled hair. This step helps in making the oil penetrate deep into the scalp and consequently nourishing your hair, this should take around 15-20 minutes.

3. Washing

It is now time to wash your hair using a mild shampoo with lukewarm or cold water. Washing hair with hot water causes dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, and also weakens the hair roots.

4. Conditioning

Upon shampooing your hair, apply a conditioner. You may use homemade conditioner or products available in the market. Boiling tea leaves in water and adding lemon juice gives you a homemade conditioner that you can use in your spa treatment.

5. Application of the hair mask

Although it is the last step, it offers all the needed nourishment to your hair. You may choose to buy a hair mask from the stores, or even make one at home, based on your needs and the ingredients available in your home. Conduct research on how to make hair masks at home to determine the most appropriate for you, as well as how to apply it.

By now, you have learned how to get a hair spa from the comfort of your own home. Repeat this once in a week or every fifteen days and notice the difference.

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Doing a Hair Spa Treatment at Home

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