Dry Hair: Causes and Symptoms

We all want to have long, lustrous and generally healthy hair, however once in a, while we have to deal with some common hair problems that put us at a disadvantage for achieving our hair goals. One of the problems that many people have to deal with is dry hair: hair that lacks adequate moisture and the necessary oil for it to maintain its usual sheen and texture. Men and women of all ages can suffer from this hair condition. Keep reading to learn basic information about the causes and symptoms.

The presence of dry hair could act as an early warning sign that something is not just right. Therefore, paying attention to symptoms of dry hair can allow to protect yourself from dangerous conditions or in the least guard your hair against breaking, now or in the future. So how do you tell if your hair is dry? There are some common symptoms that can help you determine whether your hair is dry or you are dealing with a different hair problem.


One of the most easily recognizable sign is crackling. Dry hair tends to produce a rasping sound when the strands are rubbed against each other. What is more, the drier the hair becomes the more perceptible the sound becomes. The texture of dry hair is usually amplified and therefore rough to the touch. A highly desirable characteristic of moisturized hair is its flexibility and decreased susceptibility to breakage. Healthy and adequately moisturized hair has a tendency of being able to stretch out and if the tangles form, at least the hair does not snap back immediately. If you realize that your hair is acting contrary to this, then you are dealing with dry hair.


Your hair can become dry if your scalp is not in a position to make enough oil to moisturize your hair or if your hair allows the moisture to escape. Hair does not usually have natural lubrication and therefore relies on oils made at the hair roots to keep it moisturized and looking lustrous. If your hair lets moisture escape it is because your hair cuticles, responsible for protecting your hair from harsh weather conditions, are not healthy and that something needs to be done.

Some other common causes of dry hair include the following:

  1. Over washing your hair or the use of harsh shampoo does strip the natural oils in your hair.
  2. Blow drying hair more often, while using styling products that contain alcohol.
  3. Excessive use of heated hair straighteners and curling irons.
  4. Excessive exposure of hair to a lot of sun or wind.
  5. Application of chemical treatments, which includes perms, dyes, and relaxers.

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Dry Hair: Causes and Symptoms

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