Get Rid of Those Curly Waves: Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment

A good number of people across the globe, especially those with long hair usually struggle to maintain their hair straight. This is especially the case during damp, humid and hot seasons. A lot of of women love having long, beautiful and straight hair. In a bid to achieve this, they try out different things, one of them being permanent hair straightening treatments. Before, you decide to use this strategy, it is important to be aware of exactly what it means as well as what to expect.

What does the permanent hair straightening chemical do?

These kinds of chemicals generally remove all your wavy curls to give way to a straight flowing hair. This way you will not be in need of a styler every other day. Most of the methods of permanent hair straightening involve application of heat and treatment of hair with varying chemicals and relaxers such as ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide.

You must be forewarned though; it is critical that you follow the specified procedures in order to obtain effective results. For instance, you must begin by shampooing your hair before, cleansing it and then applying the chemical. After chemical application, straightening it in bits ensures that the hair is well successfully permanently straightened.

How long before you get a permanently straightened hair?

It will take you sometime before you achieve a permanently straightened hair. Do not give up though since the efforts will be worthwhile. Later on, your hair will look straight and great until that time when your roots begin to grow out. This is however dependent on how well you will be taking care of your hair, how fast your hair grows and obviously the straightening treatment that you will be working with.

Types of permanent hair straightening treatments

Permanent hair straightening treatments are divided into different categories. Although the procedures may have different approaches of application, the results are generally the same; you get similar silky and straight locks. These permanent straightening treatments include the following. Perhaps you have already heard about them.

1. Keratin treatment
2. Chemically straightened hair
3. Japanese straightening (or thermal reconditioning or Yuko)

Different treatments, similar results

Although these treatments produce similar results, each one of them has its shortcomings and advantages. In addition, they are all done differently and you may therefore have to choose one you feel will be comfortable for you.

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Get Rid of Those Curly Waves: Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment

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