Gray Hair Removal: Fact or Fiction?

If your age allows it, there is a lot that you can do to slow down hair graying. You cannot, however, stop hair from turning gray. Hair starts turning gray when it starts losing is natural pigment-producing cells, called melanocytes, which give hair its color.

Hair graying is something that happens when people reach a certain age. The age may differ from one person to another, as genetics or heredity has a great role to play here. Besides age, graying may be caused by factors like stress, malnutrition, health disorders, and poor or bad lifestyle choices.

This hair condition cannot be treated; neither can gray hair be removed without far-reaching side effects. The ideal way of dealing with grays is preventing them from occurring before their scheduled time.

To start with, lifestyle options must be chosen wisely. Good lifestyle options, like eating healthy diets and exercising should be adopted. Poor choices, like smoking, should be shunned. Smoking speeds up the aging process of the entire body, including that of hair. The first thing to do for those who smoke is to quit smoking.

Secondly, remain hydrated at all times. If you are not well hydrated, nutrients will have a hard time reaching your hair follicles. Lack of nutrients and proper hydration will therefore cause hair graying.

Thirdly, square it out with stress. Prolonged stress and anxiety is believed to impact the rate at which hair turns gray. It has been found that long and regular periods of worry, fear, nervousness, anxiety, and other related psychological states may lead to sudden or eventual hair graying. Stress can be controlled by exercising, getting enough sleep, practicing yoga, deep breathing, and meditating.

Eat nutrient-rich foods. One of the many nutrients that you may need to consume on a regular basis is protein. These nutrients are responsible for the production of melanin, the pigment that provides color to your hair and skin. Protein rich foods that can be sought include turkey, chicken, soy, peas, and dairy products.

Other nutrients that may prevent hair graying include copper, vitamins, selenium, and iodine. Deficiency of any of these nutrients contributes to premature graying. The good thing is that there are readily available foods that are rich in these nutrients.

Copper, for instance, can be obtained from beef liver, turnip greens, egg yolk, spinach, almonds, crab, sunflower seeds, oysters, and mushrooms. Vitamins B2, B6, and B12, all of which prevent premature graying, can be obtained from green-leafy vegetables, dairy products, bananas, eggs, and whole grain breads. Iodine, another important anti-graying nutrient, can be obtained from eggs, spinach, bananas, and fish. Lastly, selenium can be obtained from tuna, wheat, corn, shellfish, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and soybeans.

There you have it: a complete anti-graying recipe. Prevention is better than cure. Sometimes cures, for some natural occurrences like graying, simply do not exist.

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Gray Hair Removal: Fact or Fiction?

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