Hair Care and Treatments in Hard Water Areas

Hard water is found in different parts of the United States and usually contains minerals from the rocks and soil, mainly calcium and magnesium. How does this has to do with your hair care? This water rich in minerals normally decrease the ability of soaps and shampoos to lather and consequently leaving the mineral residues on your hair.

Prolonged periods of minerals building up leads to hair becoming brittle and in worse cases, breaking down. Hard water may also have an effect on your hair color, whether natural or one that is artificially enhanced. Women with grey hair might find the mineral build ups creating a yellow cast while artificial hair or colored might suffer the fate of the color fading and the possibility of formation of a green cast.

It is therefore important to remove the excess minerals from the hair. You do not know where to start? Well, the following tips should be useful.

1. Vinegar rinse

Rinsing your hair with vinegar can help cut through the mineral build up as well as other residue that causes the hair to appear dull. You can prepare a vinegar hair treatment from the comfort of your home by mixing a small amount of apple cider vinegar with water that is already distilled. The rinse is then applied on your hair after it has been shampooed. Allow the vinegar rinse to rest on your hair for around thirty minutes before rinsing it. Since this hair treatment can dry your hair, use it just once or at most twice in a week.

2. Chelating shampoos

These type of shampoos typically contain chelating agents which dissolve and remove the mineral build ups from your hair. Read the label on shampoos to establish whether they are chelating shampoos before buying them. Others are usually labeled as swimmer’s shampoo or clarifying because they remove chlorine and other impurities build ups.

The majority of chelating shampoos are safe and can be used on a daily basis, but always use it together with a good conditioner so as to moisturize your hair and scalp. Clarifying shampoos are usually extremely stripping and this explains the importance of using a good conditioner after using it. Even if you never condition your hair, you better start doing so every time you use a clarifying shampoo.

3. Finish with an Argan oil

This an extremely amazing product that you may want to include in your hair care regimen. Hard water dries out your hair and argan oil does the wondrous works of restoring the moisture instantly. Simply apply it on your damp hair immediately after getting out of your shower and then style it as usual. It can be applied on the ends or all over but be careful not to use too much of it on your roots to prevent your hair from appearing greasy.

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Hair Care and Treatments in Hard Water Areas

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