Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Your favorite celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and many others have on many occasions surprised the world with new and different hairstyles constantly changing colors, styles as well as the length of their hair, in just a few days. How do they manage to do this? The secret lies in a wide variety of extensions available in the market. These extensions have their good and bad side. Keep reading to learn about hair extensions pros and cons so that you know what to expect.

Pros of hair extensions

1. They are low maintenance because your hair regimen will not be as demanding and time consuming as is usually the case when you are wearing your own hair.

2. Extensions can be worn for several weeks. This makes them the best long term protective style because you will not require to style your hair every other day which is also a great way of saving time.

3. When hair is exposed to the natural environment without adequate protection, it is likely to break or even appear dull. Extensions that hides the majority of your hair, protects it from possible damage from the sun, wind or even harmattan dust and other elements in the environment.

4. Constant manipulation of hair leads to various hair problems such as thinning, breakage or even extremely damaged hair. Wearing extensions saves your hair from constant manipulation such as combing and brushing which helps significantly in its retention. The more hair you manage to keep, the longer your hair will grow over time.

5. Extensions can easily be incorporated in your hair regimen and then used as a means of ensuring hair growth as it is known as a great hair retention tool.

Cons of hair extensions

One of the major disadvantages of extensions is that they are not cheap. The cost which could range from hundreds to thousands of dollars is usually dependent on the amount of extension, how they are attached as well as the type or rather the grade you use. It also requires maintenance after every six to eight weeks. Be ready to invest your valuable time during the initial set up.

Regardless of the title accorded to the person who applies your extensions, you need to be extremely careful when settling for a hair designer, hair dresser or extensionist. Choose someone who has the necessary experience, you may even have to request for pictures just to be sure that he or she will get it right.

Be forewarned, if extensions are not applied right, they could cause hair loss. No one loves bald spots after taking out their extensions.

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Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

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