Hair Products That Cause Acne – 10 Useful Tips

It is one thing to want to have a beautiful hair, and yet another one to wish for blemish free skin. While it is easy to have both of these highly desirable appearances, one must be aware of the products that cause acne and how to deal with them. It is true that such products do wonders for your hair, but they may also cause your skin some harm.

So what are you supposed to do for you to have a flawless skin and still use your favorite hair care product? If you already have acne, avoid using products that continue to add oil on your skin as well as the hair. When purchasing hair care products, look at non-acne or non-comedogenic.

Additionally, avoid isopropyl myristate, petrolatum, silicone, and copolymer ingredients, among many others. Ammonium lauryl sulfate, as well as sodium lauryl sulfate, are ingredients that you need to stay away from.

Another way that you can prevent such products from affecting your skin is washing and conditioning your hair before washing the rest of the body. You should do this in order to cleanse off any residue that might be left on your skin by hair care products. Note that it is important for you to wash your skin well in order to get rid of any product residue.

Other measures that you need to observe include the following:

1. Before using hair spray, be sure that your hair is covered.

2. Avoid touching your hair and then touching your face, for obvious reasons.

3. Hair should be styled before applying make up.

4. Avoid using dirty pillow cases and try trading them sometimes.

5. While working out, avoid wearing foundation, and remember to wear a headband, which will prevent your hair from flowing into your face.

6. At bedtime, be sure that your hair is covered, especially if it has products that can cause acne and other breakouts. Also avoid covering your head, because doing this will just make you sweat, and then result in breakouts on the scalp.

7. Try as much as possible to keep your hair off of your face by choosing a hairstyle that minimizes contact with your cheek area and the forehead.

8. You may want to consider washing your hair before bed time to remove products that can cause you to have acne.

9. Be sure to pull your hair off of your face each time you are going to sleep by wearing a ponytail or a bun.

10. Also avoid getting hair care products straight on your skin. If this happens, do not forget to rinse your skin well.

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Hair Products That Cause Acne – 10 Useful Tips

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