Hair Restoration Products That Work

Understanding the idea of losing your hair strands and determining some of the available hair restoration products can be your straightforward answer to have a long-life, healthy hair. Heredity, age and hormones are among the top pre-determined factors in which both men and women may experience the devastating effects of hair loss.

Fundamentally, being bald is more common in men, but it is also widely acceptable by the society today. However, for a woman to lose her hair is something intolerable and a million times more difficult to accept.

The Right Hair Growth Solutions for You

So, the question is, what are the best items that will help in counterfeiting hair loss for both men and women? Do they really work? Well, the answer to that may be seen after the actual application, but alas, there’s no real harm implicated when you try.

Some of the recent hair products that can aid in your hair growth are as follows:


The standard treatment initially created for angina and high blood pressure, Minoxidil is now recognizably known as a drug for hair regrowth. It has been clinically proven in caring for a thinning hair, and one of the first products that has shown an actual hair restoration.

Available as a topical solution (either as a standard 2.5% or as an extra strength 5%), Minoxidil must be constantly used from time to time to maintain the growth of hair for life.

Dead Sea Salts

The proposed medicinal significance of Dead Sea salts claimed its ability to correct the electrolyte imbalance of the hair skin and follicles. In essence, this product can also cleanse the scalp in the process. Some of the hair restoration products today that utilize Dead Sea salts are Bokek and Ahava.

Matristem MicroMatrix System

This is one of the newest line of hair growth products that has incurred a special attention by the scientific community. Founded by ACell Inc., their own group of physicians have developed a specialized wound healing powder to clone the hair follicles in areas where hair growth has actually stopped. This is also the most expensive among the other products in the market today.

Other Herbal Products

A combination of stinging nettle, saw palmetto, and several essential vitamins and minerals are the key ingredients of these products for hair restoration. Hair Genesis, Profollica, and Procerin are the top brands under these category that claim a clinically-proven solution for hair loss.

Through the power of technological innovations in today’s time, losing the strands of your hair can now be resolved by utilizing some of these products. It is only a matter of time when you will be regaining your youthful image by restoring your hair’s previous thickness. Indeed, the breakthrough of hair restoration products has subdued the natural process of aging in terms of hair loss.

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Hair Restoration Products That Work

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