Hair Root Pain Causes and Treatment

Hair is an important part of the appearance of a person. People have access to all types of hair beauty secrets in the markets. There are products, both homemade and ready-made, that you can use to have strong and healthy looking hair. Unfortunately, there is one problem that has always been given the least attention if any: hair root pain.

Are you always suffering from hair root pains each time you are combing or brushing your hair in a certain direction? Well, you are not alone. I am almost certain that you already think that it is normal and already adapting to it.

There is some good news though, you do not have to necessarily get used to it. In order to arrive at a helpful conclusion, let us establish what the causes of root pain are. Many people have always complained of a painful hair root; there are many causes.


The major, and perhaps the most common cause is the daily stress or the pulling of hair. Every time you are brushing your hair to get a ponytail, you are stressing and pulling your hair. Although the ponytail looks great and is easy to do, you get to pay the price with pains.

Besides the pony tail, the constant pulling of your hair in specific styles will also cause the pain. You may also not be aware of the fact that the buns, the barrettes, and some headbands could also be the culprits, as far as your hair root pain is concerned. Another common cause of this particular pain is the manner in which you wear your hair. Do you wear a hat all day long? This could also be the source of your pain.

Does your pains have anything to do with your personal hygiene? The answer is yes! If your personal hygiene is poor, this could also be the cause. If the waste products of your scalp are not effectively removed, inflammation is likely to precipitate in the scalp tissues, as well as in the surrounding follicles. The presence of inflammation evidently makes your hair root painful.


The kind of treatment administered is dependent on the causes. Therefore, one of the things you are supposed to do is to establish the causes of your hair root pain. A serious case of inflammation requires medical attention for you to get effective interventions and sufficient treatment.

If you have been wearing your hat all day, take it off for some time, or wear it for just a few hours of the day. Minimize the pulling and stress you expose your hair to, in order to avoid the pains. Look for hair styles that last for three or more days; this will go a long way in helping you reduce hair stress.

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Hair Root Pain Causes and Treatment

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