Hair Transplant for Black Men: All You Need to Know

More than 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss problems within the USA alone, with most of the hair loss being caused by genetic factors. There are specific medical therapies for men and women that can help slow down hair loss, as well as medical treatments that help to cure this frustrating event. This notwithstanding, these therapies and medical treatment only offer temporary solution. On the other hand, until presently, only surgical hair transplantation provides a permanent solution.

FUE (Follicular unit extraction) is considered the best method for hair transplantation. With this method, surgeons are usually able to transplant up to 30% of hairs from the same donor where the patient’s hair has grown thickly. Normally, you are your own donor, as far as hair transplant is concerned, and the hair transplanted is obtained from areas known as donor sites. Basically, the process occurs with the use of microscope where follicular units are usually removed and transplanted to the balded area.

The technique and procedures used in hair transplant cuts across all gender and ethnicity. Do not be mistaken, hair transplantation can be performed on any person, whether white or black. This means that the success of hair transplant is dependent on the surgeon who performs it, and not the patient’s ethnicity. Therefore, it is important for you to take the time and find an experienced surgeon who have successfully performed hair transplant in the past.

The majority of black people possess extremely coarse, kinked, and curly hair. This gives it a better coverage and more bulk than fine hair. Therefore, only few follicles might need to be transplanted for you to get the desired results. The good thing about FUE is that even hair that is curved can be transplanted. Although chances are high that curved follicles will get damaged, getting an experienced surgeon will help you minimize this risk.

Therefore, black men who are suffering from hair loss are great candidates for hair transplants. If you put into consideration the presence of course and curly hair that provides a better coverage, you will realize that black men have the greatest chances of having a successful hair transplant.

Therefore, if you are a black man suffering from hair loss, and are looking for a permanent solution, do not be discouraged from undergoing hair transplantation. If you have already opted for hair transplantation, the key is to find a highly qualified and experienced surgeon.

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  1. “The majority of black people possess extremely coarse….hair. This gives it a better coverage and more bulk than fine hair.”

    How do you know this about the majority of black people? Thick or kinky hair doesn’t automatically spell “coarse” or even “extremely coarse” — was it necessary to use “extremely” at all?

    Many black people just have lots of hair, and a head of thick hair can actually be FINE, or medium or coarse, or a mixture of textures can occur on one head of hair.

    You should really check this stuff out properly and check your language before writing this kind of thing.

Hair Transplant for Black Men: All You Need to Know

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