Handling Hair Before and After Flat Ironing

If you have been using a flat iron on your hair and not having it live up to your expectations, you might be blaming the iron, incorrectly. Perhaps it is the technique that you have been using. Try the following tips before and after flat ironing and observe the difference.

1. Start with a hair that is well conditioned

Before using the hair conditioner, it is important to ask yourself if your hair is well conditioned and adequately moisturized. If the answer is no, turn the iron off and take care of your hair first. A common perception is that a great heat protectant is the only thing you need, but this is far from the truth. You must do your best to ensure that you only flat iron hair that has the capabilities to take on the heat without causing any further damage. Therefore, ensure that your hair is regularly conditioned and well cared for in the days before heat is applied.

2. Ensure that the hair is clean

The best time to do a flat iron is immediately after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair. Actually deep conditioning is highly recommended. For maximum results, you must flat iron hair that is clean, since doing so on hair that is full of products and dirt is achieving nothing more than baking these old hair products and dirt in your hair.

3. Use heat protectant

Once your hair is dried, make sure to apply a heat protectant to every section of your hair before turning the flat iron on. Although the hair protectant does help, not even the best brand in the market will hold up to the heat if it is excessively high.

4. Do not oil your hair before ironing

Applying natural oils after ironing is perfect, but not before. It is true that you will sometimes require a little weight afterwards, but do not apply on your hair before pressing it. Doing so will prevent you from getting the lightweight and bouncy look that you desperately yearn for.

5. Wrap your hair at night

After completing your flat ironing job, care should be taken not to ruin all your hard work especially during the night. Flat ironing is not an everyday task and you therefore need to take good care of your hair for the flat iron to last. How do you achieve this?

Make sure to wrap your hair at night with silk or satin material before bedtime. This will make your morning routine as easy as just taking down your hair and combing through it then you are good to go. You already have those slight curves and adequate volume, you do not need more heat.

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Handling Hair Before and After Flat Ironing

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