Home Remedies That Work Miracles For Hair Breakage

Does it seem like your hair doesn’t grow, or grows really slowly? Hair breakage is a common problem for nearly all adults, and is responsible for hair that grows very slowly. It is a little more common for people who use chemical treatments or go through constant styling, but those aren’t the only reasons for hair breakage.

Some of the main reasons for hair breakage are stress, towel drying, plastic bristled brushes, the use of a hot hair dryer, tight hair holding items like rubber bands, and even excessive teasing or stroking of the hair will lead to the follicles breaking. Another reason, and possibly the biggest reason, is the lack of protein and oils in your hair, and on your body.

Maybe you knew some of the reasons that lead to hair breakage, but it is still happening. Maybe some of the popular home remedies for hair breakage will bring your hair back to full health. Natural remedies are exactly that, all natural ways to cure or correct an ailment, disease, or other problem. In this case, the natural remedies are going to focus on fixing your broken hair!

Eggs and Mayonnaise Mask

One of the popular home remedies for hair breakage is called the eggs and mayonnaise mask. This hair remedy will start with two eggs and three heaping tablespoons of full fat mayonnaise, together in a bowel. Use a whisk or fork to combine the eggs and mayonnaise until the combination looks uniform in color. Now that your remedy is ready, use hot water to wet your hair completely. Add the eggs and mayonnaise to your hair very generously, massaging it in for several minutes. Make sure to pay special attention to the ends of your hair, where the hair is often dry and damaged.

The next step is to cover your hair with a plastic shower cap or plastic cling wrap, to keep the hair remedy in place. Take a towel and get it damp with hot water, and wrap that over the plastic covering. Let the mixture remain on your hair for the next hour or so, with the towel wrapped in place. When the wait is over, now you can take off the towel and rinse out the eggs and mayonnaise hair remedy with hot water. This particular natural hair remedy works by releasing oils and proteins into your hair follicles from the eggs and mayonnaise. The hair follicles are open to the protein and oil when they are hot, so be sure that you follow the guide and use hot water for the best results.


Another of the popular, and very effective, home remedies for hair breakage is an egg. Like the remedy above, but without the mayonnaise, and the treatment goes a little differently. Some folks may find that this method is a bit more convenient than the egg and mayonnaise combination. Eggs consist of 2 parts used as a hair treatment: the yolk, and the white, but using whole egg is possible, as well.

Your hair type will determine which part of the egg needs to be used. If you have normal hair, use the whole egg. If your hair type is dry and brittle, use only the egg yolk. If your hair is oily, then you only need to use the egg white. Egg whites help strip away unwanted oils and residue from commercial shampoo and conditioner products.

The preparation is the same, no matter if you have whole egg, or just the yolk or egg white. Whisk the egg until it’s well beaten with a fork or whisk. The next step is to wet your hair with hot water, but not too hot, as the egg could cook. Add whichever part of the egg that you are using for your hair type to your hair, and massage it in well. Allow the egg yolk, white, or whole egg, whichever you’re using, to sit for 20-25 minutes.

Once you’ve waited, wash the egg out of your hair with cold water. You may shampoo your hair after the egg treatment if you wish—some people don’t like the smell the egg leaves behind. This home remedy for hair breakage can be used every two weeks for normal hair. If you have extra dry hair, you can use an egg yolk every week for healthier, stronger hair.

Coconut Oil and Curry

If eggs aren’t your thing, don’t worry, we have more natural home remedies for hair breakage! How does coconut oil and curry leaf sound? This simple remedy works similar to the above remedies: it restores oils and helps fight hair breakage and dry hair. Combine the coconut oil and curry leaves together in a small pot, and simmer them together on the stove for a few moments.

A black residue will form at the surface, and this is what you want for your hair. Skim this black residue off the top of the simmering mixture, and apply it to your damp hair. Allow the coconut oil and curry leaf residue to soak on your hair for 15-20 minutes. Rinse the combination out of your hair with warm water, and allow your hair to air dry. This is a natural remedy for hair breakage, claimed to help grow hair faster, and possibly may even help you elude grey hair!

Red Wine Vinegar

Popular natural remedies for hair breakage are easy to come by, and here is another that works well: red wine vinegar. It is also said that white vinegar and apple cider vinegar can be used, as well. The red wine vinegar will provide the best moisture for dry hair to help prevent breakage. The white and apple cider vinegar is often used on normal hair types to prevent breakage. You can add 1/2 tbsp of essential oil of grapefruit, sweet almond, or whatever smell you prefer.

The vinegar smell is too strong for some, so the essential oils will have a sweet fragrance to help neutralize the vinegar smell. The essential oils will help moisturize dry hair, while the vinegar will strip away any unwanted residue. The vinegar also helps close the cuticle of the hair follicles, making them stronger. Allow the vinegar and essential oil to soak for 15 minutes on warm, wet hair. Rinse the vinegar and essential oil out of your hair with warm water, then shampoo if you smell too much like vinegar.

You may use any, or all of these home remedies for hair breakage. They all produce fantastic results in adding strength, moisture, and overall health to your hair. Keep them in mind before you look at the salon for hair breakage products, as they may produce the results you are looking for.

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Home Remedies That Work Miracles For Hair Breakage

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