How To Create an Invisible Hairline

Thanks to hair extensions, women can now have the length, color, quality, and thickness of their hair at a highly affordable price. Hair extensions come in the form of synthetic and human hair that can be fixed into the hairline. Most women prefer sew-in hair extensions, since they are typically more secure on the head and also look real. Are you looking for a way to create an invisible hairline? You can achieve this by sewing the extension into the center of your head and then letting the top part of your hair sit over them.


1. Wash your hair and blow dry it.

2. Divide your hair into two horizontal parts using a tail comb. If your hair is thick, divide just above your ears and if it is thin, this should be done below the ears.The top section of your hair should be twisted into a bun and then secured on the top of the head using a clip.

3. The bottom part of the hair should be combed straight and corn rowed into around 5 or 6 separate sections. Ensure the corn rows are tight because it is where the extension will be anchored. Ensure that every braid is secured using an elastic band.

4. You will require a threaded needle. Then position your first hair weft on the lower half of your head and insert the needle through the weft at the top of the first extension, from the far left side and progress in a downward motion. In a gentle motion, loop the needle through the center of your hair braid and then back out following an upward motion. Repeat this process until you have finished sewing your hair extension on the braid.

5. Repeat the above step with all the remaining hair extensions.

6. Remove the hair clip that is holding the top part of your hair and comb the hair gently. Let it fall strategically, ensuring that the hair extensions have been concealed. Sew in weaves are among the most common especially because they are generally longer lasting than other types of weaves. When done correctly, you should get a natural look and natural looking hair line as well. Be careful not to do it incorrectly because this could lead to more hair loss on the edges.

There you have it, it is that simple. Get that invisible hair line as soon as possible and enhance your appearance. Additionally, this method will allow you to style your hair anyway you want, which includes wearing a ponytail.

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How To Create an Invisible Hairline

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