How to Detangle Natural Hair: Wet or Dry?

In your early stages of growing natural hair, one of the most frustrating things you will have to deal with is detangling your hair, when dry and when wet. However, this is not the only time you might experience difficulties detangling your natural hair, even in later stages of hair growth.

Regardless, the detangling difficulty you experience is usually dependent on the texture of your hair and how curly it is. Nevertheless, a few useful tips will go a long way in making this process as easy as you would like it.

1. Comb your hair starting from the ends heading to the roots

This is the best method of detangling your hair. There are some people who love starting the detangling process from half way or two thirds of the way down the section of their hair. If this works better for you, then just go right ahead. However, if your hair is extremely curly, detangling your hair from the ends is much better. Be sure to take your time, as great detangling habits assist you in retaining the length of your hair.

2. Conduct detangling on wet hair, rather than on dry

If you want to have adequate manipulation on your hair, detangle your natural hair while it is still wet. This is mainly because dry hair usually has minimal elasticity, and will therefore not stretch much like wet hair. Nevertheless, you may want to add some moisture to your hair, if you do not want to saturate it thoroughly. Adding moisture will help you avoid hair breakage while combing it. Spraying your hair with water or olive oil during detangling, especially when changing hair styles, will help you considerably.

3. Make sure to use a wide tooth comb

Perhaps the reasons for this advice are obvious, but let me explain a little further. The use of combs with small teeth will give your hair increased obstacles to conquer during the detangling process. Therefore, the widest combs are the most useful, as they are also less stressful on your hair, hair breakage is minimized. Although a wide comb may appear like it won’t be of much help, trust me, it will help simplify the whole process of hair detangling.

4. Deal with manageable sections of your hair

During the process of detangling, your hair should be extremely slippery. This means that tough feeling hair should be slathered with more oil or conditioner, so as to simplify the process. Typically, separate your hair in about 6 to 8 sections, and then handle one section at a time. If you feel your fingers are doing much better than your wide comb, then use your fingers, nothing will go wrong.

If you were having problems, try these easy steps and have stress free hair detangling time. You no longer have to dread that next time when you will be detangling your natural dry or wet hair.

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How to Detangle Natural Hair: Wet or Dry?

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