How to Do an Egg and Olive Oil Hair Mask at Home [video]

Hair problems could occur as a result of frequent straightening, blow drying, curling, or even brushing while drying it. If you are struggling with this kind of hair problems, a hair mask made from an egg and olive oil is just what you need.

The good thing about this kind of mask is its availability. It is far less costly compared to ready-made hair masks, and you can make it from your own kitchen. Follow the tips below to learn how to do an egg and olive oil hair mask.

What ingredients do you need?

Making this mask is very simple, and you do not require many ingredients. You need 2 eggs (only egg whites) and 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Also you’ll need a shower cap and gloves.

How to make:

1. Beat the two egg whites in a bowl
2. Add the four tablespoons of olive oil
3. Mix or whisk the mixture together and be sure to do it well enough, a spoon or fork will do it just right.

It is that simple; you now have your hair mask. How do you apply it on your hair? Unlike other masks that require you to wash your hair first, with this one, you apply it on dry hair. Massage the hair mask gently, all over your scalp and hair, being sure to cover even the split ends. Wrap it into a cap, and then let the mask sit on your hair for around 30 minutes, but leaving it longer won’t hurt.

After 30 minutes have elapsed, clean your hair with warm water to remove the mask. Take your time to ensure that you have removed all the hair mask from your hair for maximum benefits. You do not want to leave any traces of eggs on your hair. Remember to shampoo and condition as you usually do. There are no limitations to any specific shampoo or conditioner.

Important side tips when using the mask

1. Before applying the hair mask, massage your scalp for around 5 minutes; it helps in pumping the blood in your head.
2. Be sure to rinse off the mask thoroughly, because it goes sour after sometime because of the presence of eggs.
3. Make sure to always drink a lot of water as it helps to keep your hair hydrated and makes it grow longer.
4. The more time you leave the mask on your hair, the softer it is going to be.

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How to Do an Egg and Olive Oil Hair Mask at Home [video]

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