How to Make your Own Dry Shampoo at Home – DIY Recipe

It is no longer debatable that dry shampoo has become a common alternative to the regular shampoos in recent days. Why has it become so popular then? It has the power to absorb the oil that makes your hair appear greasy and you do not have to worry about it drying out your scalp, like it happens when you wash your hair with water.

Besides learning how to use dry shampoo, it is also important to learn how to make your dry shampoo by using the contents in your kitchen cabinets. Keep reading to learn about some of the basic and easy recipes.

Start by inspecting your kitchen cabinet to determine if you already have the needed ingredients to make your own dry shampoo from scratch. A combination of powders and starches usually work well in absorbing the oil from your hair. You can decide to use baking soda, corn meal, corn starch, ground oat meal, baby powder or talcum powder. If you have these ingredients, then you are good to go.

The next step entails mixing the ingredients in a bowl. Depending on the contents in your kitchen cabinet, mix equal parts of as many of the listed ingredients as possible.The mix of these ingredients and powders goes a long way in facilitating absorption of as much oil as possible. If there is any ingredient you are missing, try substituting with a similar ingredient. For instance, if you are lacking baby powder, you may double the amount of baking powder needed.

If there is no ground oatmeal in your kitchen cabinet, why not double the corn meal? Ensure that all these ingredients are mixed well, you can even try running them through your food processor all together. If you want to add some scent to your dry shampoo, include some herbs or dried flowers such as lavender, violets, mint or rose. Close the lid of the bowl containing your mixture and keep it in a dark place for around two to four weeks.

You have finished preparing your dry shampoo. Pour it into a spice mixture. If you have an old, clean salt shaker or pepper shaker, it can be used to hold your dry shampoo.

Side tips:

1. Always carry a small container of your dry shampoo in your purse. It will come in handy in situations that you may not have anticipated.

2. Do not mix your dry shampoo with essential oils. It is true they may smell great but the powder serves the role of absorbing the excess oil in your hair, not your favorite oils.

3. In case your hair becomes frizzy, be prepared in advance with a few drops of essential oils such jojoba, vitamin E or vegetable oil. It will help in taming it down after you have used the dry shampoo.

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How to Make your Own Dry Shampoo at Home – DIY Recipe

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