How to Massage your Hair with Oil in 5 Easy Steps

Since time immemorial, a massage always does anyone some good. It always leaves someone feeling so much better, so relaxed and appearing livelier than before. Regardless of the body part where the massage is done, it has immense benefits. A hair massage forms an important part of hair care routines and provides immense benefits especially when specific oils are used.

Why a hair oil massage?

An oil massage helps in enhancing the circulation of blood to your scalp. This ultimately results in better nourishment and consequently better health of your hair. Additionally, oils give good lubrication to the hair which in turn reduces hair damage when combing or styling.

The use of essential oils during scalp massage is believed to condition the scalp, the hair roots and the hair shaft. It helps in reducing conditions that might interrupt the process of effective hair growth such as dandruff and dry scalp. Conducting oil massage can also help in reducing the chances of your hair strands becoming split, brittle and broken.

How to do a hair oil massage right

The simple application of oil to your hair does not serve the purpose. Hair oiling must be done in a certain manner to get the expected benefits. Consider the following tips to help you when conducting your oil massage.

1. Ensure that oil is applied to the hair rather than the scalp. Your hair roots are the ones in need of nourishment to achieve a beautiful as well as shiny mane.

2. Heat your oil in the microwave prior to massaging. Warm oils easily seep into your scalp compared to the regular oil.

3. Insert a cotton ball in your warm oil, squeeze out any excess oil and then dab the cotton into the scalp. You may also apply the warm oil directly to your scalp using your fingertips. Remember to massage your scalp gently as over massaging could break your hair, observe moderation. Gradually continue applying warm oil to the length of the hair.

4. Conduct your hair oil massage overnight or one to two hours before shampooing your hair. It is more preferable to do it at night so that you can leave the oil to seep through your hair roots all night long. This will make your hair appear healthy from inside out.

5. Avoid going out with oily hair as this tends to attract more dust and dirt. This can further cause dandruff, hair loss as well as scalp irritation. Therefore, ensure that your hair is rinsed adequately every time it is oiled.

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How to Massage your Hair with Oil in 5 Easy Steps

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