How To Repair Colour Damaged Hair At Home

In the quest of getting shinier and prettier hair, you may have done something that led to the damage of your hair. For instance, you love your hair coloring but there is a problem: those colorings contains chemicals that expose your hair shaft. You have realized that you are in trouble because your hair dries almost immediately after showering.

This goes to show that those chemicals have tremendously made your hair porous and damage control needs to be done as fast as possible. Now that you are aware of this, here are a few tips on how to repair colour damaged hair at home.

1. Shampooing
As much as possible, avoid shampooing your hair as often as you used to. Instead of shampooing, wash your hair using a conditioner as it will clean your hair in the same way as a shampoo does leaving your hair silky, tangle free and very easy to manage.

2. A trim
Ensure to get a trim once in a month to get rid of split ends and also restore luster and manageability of your hair. If your hair is severely damaged, your salonist may advise you to get a haircut rather than a trim in order to get rid of the most of the hair damage. Since your hair grows around 1/2 inch each month, you may consider trimming this length size from the ends.

3. Avoid styling your hair using hot tools
Styling your hair with hot tools or other hair damaging appliances will only worsen the situation. It is therefore advisable to let your hair dry naturally. You may use styling gel or prepare yours by rinsing your hair with a tablespoon of honey put in one litre of water.

4. Homemade hair mask
Prepare a homemade mask in your kitchen and allow it to sit on your head over night. You may consider using olive oil by applying it on your scalp and hair, wearing a cap and leaving it for up to 8 hours. Then wash it out using a conditioning shampoo. If possible, use a color depositing shampoo such as the oil treatment to set your hair in a position to accept color and absorb evenly.

5. Bonnet dryer
You may have to buy a bonnet dryer so that you can conduct weekly conditioning treatment. Using intense conditioner or hot oil treatments normally enhance the condition of your hair dramatically. After applying the oil treatments or conditioning your hair, sit under the bonnet dryer for between 15 to 20 minutes, and then clean your hair with a moisturizing shampoo.

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How To Repair Colour Damaged Hair At Home

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