How to Repair Fried Hair Damage: 7 Steps

If you have reached this page, I suppose it is because you have done something that has fried your hair. Or, perhaps, you have not been paying the necessary attention, and the result is fried looking hair. If you are still wondering how your hair got to that state, you should now relax and look for a way of remedying the situation. Then, after you have repaired it, you can take the time to figure out what caused it, so as to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Since what you want is to repair your fried hair as soon as possible, let us go straight to some of the things you need to start doing.

1. Do not, under any circumstance, bleach your hair, whether it is being done by you or a professional. Let us get your hair in a perfect condition first, before worrying about making it lighter.

2. Pick a sulfate free shampoo, as sulfates are known to break down hair. Actually, you should get rid of any hair care product that contains sodium laurel sulfate. Also stop washing your hair everyday, whatever happens to the clothes you wash every day is the same thing that happens to hair that is washed daily.

3. Look for a really good conditioner and use it. Avoid going for cheap conditioners that do not really deliver the effect required. Your present hair state requires a conditioner that works inside your hair, not just coating it. On the same note, you should get a leave in conditioner and use it every time you wash your hair.

4. Visit your hair stylist to get a signature conditioning treatment. This is not the simple conditioner that they use on every person. It should be the type of conditioner used for repairing damaged hair and getting it back to normal.

5. During the repair period, you may want to color your hair a little bit darker. Consult your stylist to recommend a gentle hair color approach that uses no ammonia.

6. Air dry your hair as much as possible for at least for a few weeks to give it a necessary break.

7. Lastly, avoid styling your hair with heat tools, as they make your situation even worse. Talk to your stylist, and have them help you with a temporary style that will prevent you from using heat tools every other day. On the other hand, depending on your hair condition, a retexturizing treatment might be of great help.

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How to Repair Fried Hair Damage: 7 Steps

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