How to Restore a Thinning Hairline in 4 Easy Steps

I have never heard anyone talk about how happy he or she was about his or her thinning hairline. In any case, this problem is embarrassing, not mentioning how bad it disadvantages you from enhancing your appearance, especially when you are a woman. More women than men are likely to suffer from a thinning hairline.

The good thing is that even the thinnest hair lines can be restored, although you will have to be patient. So, arm yourself with the right amount of patience, and observe the following useful tips.

1. Halt wearing tight styles immediately

If you want to restore your hairline, this is non-negotiable. You should get rid of tight styles, such as tight braids, the kind of pony tails that pull back your eyes, weaves, as well as suffocating wigs, immediately. Kindly note the word tight, as this should not feature in when describing your current and future hair styles.

2. Avoid chemicals

It is one thing to want restored edges, and another one to be willing to make important sacrifice; you want your good looking hairline back? You must be willing to make sacrifices, and chemicals are one of those things you need to avoid. There are many ways of straightening damaged tresses in the absence of chemicals, and trying some of them will help your edges come back faster, such as flat ironing, gentle blow drying, wet sets, or wrapping.

This is also a great time to consider exploring more natural styles that you can do without heat. If you have always wanted to go natural and did not know how to do it, perhaps now is the time to break free of chemicals. You never know, in the long run, it could turn permanent.

3. Scalp massage

Your hair follicles are in shock, and desperately in need of TLC at the moment. Massage your scalp using your finger pads, and avoid raking over your scalp with finger nails. Also, avoid pressing down firmly on your hairline. Try dedicating a few minutes of your time to this easy task every day.

4. Use healthy products

While massaging your scalp, also apply healthy products that are as natural as possible. Try to avoid any products that are known for clogging the pores, such as the ones containing petroleum. Find natural oils in the grocery store. You do not have to travel to a health food store to get oils like coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil, among others.

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How to Restore a Thinning Hairline in 4 Easy Steps

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